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100 Ways Kids Can Help the Persecuted Church

Kids of Courage blog reader and commenter Pilgrim Sarah recently asked, “How can us kids help?”

For Pilgrim Sarah and others who may be wondering the same thing, there is now a poster that lists many of the ideas found on this site about how kids can raise awareness of persecuted Christians and help them. Many of the ideas on the poster came from kids who created and tried the activities themselves.

100 Ways Kids Can Help Persecuted Christians: #11–20

11. Donate VOM resources/publications to a Christian school.
12. Hold a concert to raise funds for projects to help persecuted Christians.

100 Ways Kids Can Help Persecuted Christians #1–10

1. Design a church bulletin insert about persecution.
2. Make bookmarks for friends to remind them to pray for suffering Christians.

Model Missionary Plane

A man in North Carolina, Mike L., built a model of a parachute-dropping airplane. The real airplane he depicted drops Bible-carrying parachutes into guerrilla-controlled jungle areas of Colombia.

People at a missions conference at Mike’s church learned more about VOM’s work in Colombia with the help of his model.

Underwater Christmas Tree

At Christmastime last year, a group of divers took a Christmas tree 37.5 meters (about 123 feet) into the water off the coast of Indonesia. Then they took ornaments underwater and placed them on the tree. The group was trying to break the world record for the deepest underwater Christmas tree.

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