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Bold Believers in Syria

Bold Believers in Syria includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where civil war has driven more than 750,000 Christians from the country. The 48-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

India: Families Ignored and Excluded

Praising God in India

Suppose you wake up one morning, dress and eat breakfast, and head out the door to walk to a store to buy some food for your mother to fix for lunch. “Good morning!” you say to your neighbor. But she turns away and doesn’t answer your greeting.

You pass several more people you know and classmates from school, but all of them refuse to speak to you. When you get to the store, you choose what you want to buy, but the store owner ignores you and won’t even take your money. So you start home, empty handed. On the way home, friends and neighbors cross the road instead of passing close to you or greeting you.

Six Christian families in India had to deal with similar treatment. At a village meeting earlier this year, the families and their pastor were ordered to stop being Christians or be “socially excommunicated.” But the families would not deny Jesus.

“Excommunicate” usually means to be excluded from activities of a church. It can also mean that someone is excluded from a group other than a church. When the villagers socially excommunicated the Christians, they quit talking and associating with them.

Pray that the Christians will stay strong in their faith and grow closer to Jesus, even when they are treated rudely. Pray that others in the village will be drawn to Christ after seeing the Christians’ bold faith.


Videos Story

Torchlighters: The Harriet Tubman Story

Harriet Tubman prayed constantly that she and her family would be set free from slavery. Then God used her to rescue her own family and hundreds of other slaves. She was called the Moses of her people.

Watch the trailer from Torchlighters’ The Harriet Tubman Story above.

Find out more about Torchlighters DVDs here.


Spotlight Story

A Wealthy Man

Sudanese woman with a new Bible from VOM

Matthak was in jail in Sudan.

One day, his captors came to him with an offer. “We are going to give you a car!” they said. “We are going to give you a home and a job. We’re going to see that your whole family gets a good education. All you have to do is stop preaching the gospel and become a Muslim.”

“I was tempted,” said Matthak, who had been imprisoned because of his Christian activities. But he remembered that he belonged to the Lord. So he kept telling people about Jesus. Even some prison guards and prisoners became Christians when Matthak witnessed to them.

After Matthak refused their offer, the guards treated him harshly and beat him. He was in bad shape by the time he was released from prison. But he didn’t complain. Instead, he tells other Christians, “I miss the time I was in prison! I miss the worship there with the Christians in prison. I wish I could go back!”

One of the Christians who visited Matthak said, “He has been faithful, and he is rich — not financially maybe, but in relationships and in family and in blessings, he is certainly a wealthy man.


To Think About and To Do
*Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, said, “I have found truly joyful Christians only in the Bible, in the underground [secret] churches, and in prison.” Why do you think Christians in prison for their faith are joyful?

*Visit and choose one prisoner to pray for today.

Activities Story

Bookmarks for Prisoners

A VOM volunteer designed bookmarks for prisoners who are featured on The Voice of the Martyrs Prisoner Alert website. Follow the instructions below if you want to make an encouraging bookmark.


1. Click on a country at, then on the name of a prisoner, then on “Write a Letter.” Print a copy of a verse in the prisoner’s language shown under “Available Phrases.”


2. Click “Add Phrase” (even if you are going to mail a bookmark to a prisoner instead of printing a letter), then “Continue” to find the prisoner’s address.


3. Glue the verse on thick paper or labels, or write your own encouraging verse or message. Laminate the bookmark and add small tassels or other decorations.


4. Use the address to mail the bookmark, and if you wish, a message or letter. Find suggestions for writing letters here.


5. Take your message and bookmark in an addressed envelope to a post office to see how much postage to include.

Spotlight Story

Egypt: A Hard Situation

Egyptian boy

SDOK is VOM’s sister mission in the Netherlands. A worker from SDOK recently visited Egypt and talked to Christians there. After she returned home, the worker wrote told the story below. It appeared in Stef, which is SDOK’s children’s magazine.

The worker asked readers who read the story, “What would you do if you were the boy?” Many readers responded. “We have had a lot of reactions,” the worker said. Read the story and see what you think. And pray for the boy and his family.

What a story I heard in Egypt!

It’s about a boy of ten. He tells his story like this:

“I have a brother and a sister. My sister is ten years older than I am. We are Muslims, and I think we are quite good people.

“My father even went to another country with my sister, and when she came back, she was wearing a long black coat with a headscarf.

[Note: In some Muslim countries, veils and other coverings are symbols of strict Islam. Some women and girls wear coverings to bring honor to their families. Others cover their heads to show they are serious about their faith. Many cover themselves in front of people outside their family.]

“But after a while she put on regular clothes. After a few months, she quit even wearing a headscarf.

“One day my father came out of my sister’s room with a black book in his hand and he was very angry. ‘What are you doing with a Bible in your bag?’ he yelled at my sister. My sister did not say anything. My father kept yelling. ‘You have changed! Have you become a Christian or something? If so, I’d rather be dead!’

“My father really said that. Suddenly he turned to me and whispered in a threatening way, ‘She cannot step outside of the house the door without you. You must spy on her. Understood?’

“I nodded, but did not understand.

“That same night, a terrible thing happened. My father suddenly died of cardiac arrest. Everyone is now blaming my sister. She is still sweet and beautiful, but she has become very pale and thin.

I’ve been worrying for weeks about what to do. I know I should obey my father’s final wishes, but I do not want to be a spy and certainly do not want to spy on my dear sister.”

“What would you do?”