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Bold Believers in Syria

Bold Believers in Syria includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where civil war has driven more than 750,000 Christians from the country. The 48-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

George Müller

“George and his wife, Mary, open the first orphanages supported entirely by prayer, and God miraculously provides for their every need.” —

George Müller was born 214 years ago today on September 27, 1805. He was not a well-behaved child. He started stealing money before he was even 10 years old, and his continuous sinful behavior landed him in prison as a youth.

After hearing the Word of God at a Christian meeting, George repented of his sins, turned away from friends who were bad influences, and began to follow Christ. Later, he married Mary Groves, a young woman who also wanted to serve the Lord.

In service to God, the Müllers opened orphanages, and over the years, they helped thousands of children. George is especially known for never asking anyone for money for his ministry. Instead, he took his needs to the Lord in prayer. But the Müllers and the orphans never lacked their daily needs, even when their problems seemed impossible to overcome.

Learn More About George Müller
*The Story of George Müller is an animated DVD produced by Christian History Institute and The Voice of the Martyrs. Find out more about Torchlighters DVDs here.

Watch a trailer for the DVD here.

*Find George Müller student and leader guides here.

*Read a blog post about Müller’s life here.

* includes activities related to DVD and information about buying or streaming the The Story of George Müller.

Spotlight Story

IDOP Preparation

Join a global prayer movement for persecuted Christians.

Parents and Teachers
The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church will be observed on November 3, 2019. You can find information about resources to share with your church, adult Sunday school class, or small group in The Voice of the Martyrs magazine or at

To encourage children to pray for persecuted Christians on November 3 and throughout the year, you can prepare:
*Lesson plans
*Video clips
*And additional downloadable resources from this site.

Spotlight Story

Hard to Find a Bible

Farsi Bible

A teacher in Iran decided to follow Jesus after hearing the gospel on a Christian satellite TV program! He wanted to read a Bible, but had no way to get one. “I checked all the bookstores in Tehran to find a copy, but could not,” he said. (Tehran is the capital of Iran.)

Fifteen months went by, and the man still had not found a Bible. He started to write down all the verses he heard in sermons on the Christian TV broadcasts. He put pages of the verses together to make a small book.

The man began to share his faith with his students and others, and soon there was a group of 30 new Christians who met every week to worship God together. But none of them had a Bible.

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Readers Talk to Us Story

Readers Talk to Us

Question: Some people wonder if young children should learn about persecuted Christians. How would you answer them?

Laura S., a third-grade teacher at a Christian school in Tennessee, replies:

“Jesus was persecuted, as were the apostles. This is our heritage as believers. We cannot ignore it. It is a great calling, and each child born into the household of faith has this calling.

“Should we shield our children from that reality? No. Persecuted Christians are their brothers and sisters in the kingdom of God. I want us to train our children to pray for those in need, and to care for the widows and orphans, especially those in the household of faith.”

What Do You Think?

What You Can Do Story

Be Bold and Wise

Brother Jeff, a recent guest on VOM Radio, is a Christian worker in Muslim countries. He offered suggestions about sharing the gospel with people in other places — or even in your own hometown! Read some of his suggestions below.

1. Be bold [and wise] in sharing the gospel, even in hard places.

2. If you go with just blind boldness, you are not going to reach your neighbor, you are just going to offend them.

3. To find a balance between wise and bold, we really need to listen to the Holy Spirit in our lives.

4. Pray for boldness and wisdom.

5. Build friendships, but be bold in your friendships, saying, “This is who Jesus is in my life. I’d like to introduce you if you are interested.”

6. When you see a Muslim, don’t be afraid to go up and say hi. [Always ask a mature Christian adult to go with you when you talk to someone you don’t know.]

7. Muslims usually don’t mind you praying for them. When I go into a Middle Eastern restaurant where most likely the staff are Muslims, I will say, “Hey, we are about to pray for our meal. How can I pray for you?” Often they will tell you something that you can pray for. I pray with them about whatever need they are sharing.

8. Ask people, “What is your story?” [Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, said, “More souls are won by listening to people than by speaking to them.”]

9. Keep growing in your own faith.

10. Pray that we won’t be distracted by all the many other things that are great opportunities, but are not what God has for us if we are going to be effective in reaching people.

(Source: VOM Radio. Edited for length, clarity, and age appropriateness)