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Bold Believers Among China’s Uygurs

Bold Believers Among China’s Uygurs includes stories, history, culture facts, and activities that help children understand the daily lives of the Uygur people, who live mainly in northwest China. The 52-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Activities Story

Praise the Lord Around the World

Use the chart below to learn how to say “Praise the Lord” in 10 other languages. Sing the song “Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah” or another song with the words “praise (ye) the Lord” in it. Substitute one or more of the phrases for the English words.

How To Say It
Iran Farsi KHOH-dah-rah SHOH-kr
Pakistan Punjabi RAHB-dee tah-REEF HO-vay
China Chinese tzahn-may joo
Colombia Spanish GLOH-ree-uh ah dee-ohs
Russia, Kazakhstan Russian SLAH-vuh BOH-goo
Many Muslim Countries Arabic MAHG-duh lah rahp
Eritrea Tigrinya gway-tah yeh mess ghen
Malaysia, Brunei Malay Poo-jee TOO-hahn
Nepal Nepali jay muh-SEE
Bangladesh Bangla ee-shohr-air goor-ohb hohk

Spotlight Story

Sunday School Around the World: Sri Lanka

Sometimes enemies attack churches and pastors in Sri Lanka. The government often doesn’t protect the Christians. The majority of the people in Sri Lanka are Buddhists. While some Christians are persecuted mainly by Muslims, Sri Lankan Christians are more commonly persecuted by violent Buddhists. (Read more about Buddhism here.)

The church in the photo was attacked by radical Buddhists, but the children still came to Sunday school in their damaged church.

To Talk About

Name five differences between your Sunday school class and the one in the photo.



Activities Story

Learn About Sri Lanka

Sri LankaSri Lankan schoolchildren

Schoolchildren in Sri Lanka
A Christian worker in Sri Lanka said, “A Christian child has a time of devotion at home, then goes to school. Buddhist and Hindu children worship statues depicting their gods, and they offer white flowers to the statues as an offering. In school the Buddhist child is encouraged to bring flowers and oil for a lamp placed before a Buddha statue. [Buddha was the founder of Buddhism]

“It is also common to see non-Christian children wearing a white or colored thread around their wrist. They believe this keeps away evil and sickness, and that it helps them in their studies. Hindu girls wear a ‘pottu’ (dot) on their forehead to ‘keep away evil.’”

Christians in Sri Lanka
In recent years, there has been more persecution of Christians in Sri Lanka. More than 250 churches have been destroyed in violence.

Game and Recipe to Share
Share the following game or recipe from Sri Lanka with a Sunday school class or other group. Then tell them about Christians in Sri Lanka and ask them to pray.

Kotta Pora
Kotta pora is a traditional game played during spring celebrations in Sri Lanka. To play one version of kotta pora, players mark off a space about five feet and five feet. (Kotta pora is often played by two players sitting on a horizontal bar suspended above the ground, and sometimes on a low platform.) Two players face each other with a pillow in one hand. Their other hand is held behind their back, and they stand on only one foot. The players bat at each other with the pillows until one player puts his raised foot down or hops out of the marked-off space. The other player is the winner.

Gingered Bananas
Combine ¼ cup sugar, ¼ cup water, and 1 tablespoon lemon juice in a saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat and simmer for about five minutes until thickened, stirring frequently. Sprinkle ground ginger over three bananas peeled and cut in half lengthwise. Pour hot mixture over bananas. Chill and serve.


Spotlight Story

A Life-Saving Situation

(Source: The November 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Photo: Pastor Stanley and his family.)

The previous post told about an attack at the Zion Church in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday in 2019. As the post describes, Debbi, one of the children at the church, was injured, and some of the other children were hurt as well.

But several children escaped unharmed.

Pastor Stanley
The main pastor of the Zion Church, Pastor Roshan, was out of town. So the assistant pastor, Pastor Stanley, was going to lead the service.

But Pastor Stanley did not have the keys to the church van. The van was parked in the church courtyard, and Pastor Stanley couldn’t move it out of the way.

Protected from the Blast
After Sunday school ended, the children were dismissed to go to the courtyard. Some of them decided to sit on a stairway that led to the second-floor classrooms. The stairs were partly blocked by the church van.

As the children waited for church to start, the attacker exploded a bomb in the courtyard. The parked van helped shield the children on the stairs from the explosion. A problem for Pastor Stanely had turned into a life-saving situation for the children.

Note: Pastor Stanley has visited and prayed with the church members who were affected by the bombing. Many are still sad. But the church continues to gather at Zion Church at 9 a.m. on Sunday mornings, just as they have done every Sunday since the attack. Nothing can stand against God’s faithfulness to those who honor Him.

Spotlight Story

Debbi Has Hope

(Source: The November 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. Photo: Zion Church continued to gather for worship after the attack.)

Verlini, a Sunday school teacher in Sri Lanka, got up at 3:30 every morning for Bible study and prayer. She had read the entire Bible 14 times, and her favorite verse was, “Commit your way to the Lord” (Psalm 37:5). She and her husband, Sebamalai, often reminded their family to stay close to God. Verlini wrote notes of encouragement and inspiration to each of her children in their Bibles.

She also encouraged her Sunday school students to follow Jesus. On Easter morning in 2019, children in the class confessed their sins and dedicated themselves to God. Later, during church, a Muslim attacker exploded a bomb at the church. Many church members were injured, and sadly, some died of their injuries.

Verlini and Sebamalai were among those who died. Debbi, their daughter, was wounded, and now she is blind.

But Debbi has hope for the future. “Why cry?” she said to her relatives. “My parents are with Jesus. One day, we will also go to be with Jesus.”

And Debbi has hope for herself and for the eye surgery she will have in Canada in the future. She tells people that Jesus has prepared new eyes for her.

Debbi now lives with her aunt and uncle. When talking about the time since the bombing, Debbi’s uncle said, “We learned so many things about faith and how to walk with God more.”

Debbi’s aunt hopes the surgery will allow Debbi to read the note Verlini left in her Bible that begins, “Debbi Darling.”

Read a story about Jasmine, another girl who was injured in the bombing here.