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Bold Believers Among China’s Uygurs

Bold Believers Among China’s Uygurs includes stories, history, culture facts, and activities that help children understand the daily lives of the Uygur people, who live mainly in northwest China. The 52-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

9/11 and Terrorists

On September 11, 2001, terrorists attacked two locations in the United States. The 19 terrorists hijacked four planes full of passengers and crashed two of them into New York’s World Trade Center on purpose. (The NASA photo above shows the smoke plume rising from the attack on the World Trade Center.) Many died when the World Trade Center buildings collapsed.

The terrorists crashed a third plane into the Pentagon, which is the headquarters of the U.S. military in Washington, D.C. A fourth hijacked plane crashed in a Pennsylvania field after passengers tried to stop the hijackers.

The terrorists believed they were following the teachings of strict Islam. Find a chart that compares terrorists’ beliefs with Christian responses here.

Find another chart about terrorist beliefs here.

[Additional charts comparing Christian truths with other worldviews are in the Beliefs section of this site.]

To Think About: The terrorists believed they were following the teachings of strict Islam. Terrorists try to make changes in the world by using violence and threats. But Mark 8:36 says, “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” What mistake are terrorists making when they use violence against innocent people to try to bring about change?

Note: Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, the founder of The Voice of the Martyrs, said that having bad feelings about Muslims “is wrong and a danger to our souls.” He said when radical Muslims hurt Christians, “they will not succeed in making us hate them.” Their persecution will just make us want to do more to bring them the Christian message. If they understand what Jesus taught, they will no longer want to persecute others.

Do you agree with what Pastor Wurmbrand said about Christians’ attitudes toward Muslims?

Spotlight Story

Washing away Sins

“Performing wudu” means washing before Muslim prayer. Muslims wash their hands, face, and feet in certain ways to be clean before they pray.

What if a Muslim does not perform wudu before prayer? “Then you basically are just wasting your time [praying],” said Hera, a 14-year-old American Muslim. “You have to be clean.”

“Whenever you do wudu, small sins get washed away,” said Hera’s friend Hanifa.

Note: A Christian hymn says, “What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus” What do the words mean? Pray today that Muslims will understand how God has provided a way for the forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.

Activities Story

Tips for a Good Presentation

Would you like to make a presentation to your family, group, or class about a country where Christians are persecuted? If you can’t make an in-person presentation, can you create one to go online?

The tips below are from Stef, the children’s publication of SDOK, The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the Netherlands. (Edited for length and clarity. Adapted for use in the U.S.)

Start Early
Making a good presentation takes a lot of time. Therefore start early! Collect information well in advance. That way you also have time to practice.

Choose a country that you like and that you would like to know more about. It is also smart to choose a topic that someone else in your group has not yet given a talk about.

Finding Information
Collect information you need. If you choose a country where there is persecution, you can find a lot of information on Of course, you can also search for information on other websites and in books, or ask someone who knows a lot about the subject.

Pictures and Videos
Look for good photos to show with your story. Videos are also nice to show.

It is a good idea to practice your speech well a few times, for example, for your parents. They can also give you tips. If you practice your talk, the information is in your mind. That helps if you are going to give your talk to a bigger group.

During your speech, do not always look down at your speech or around the room. Try to look toward the audience.

During Your Talk
Tell your audience why you chose your topic. Why do you find it an interesting subject? Are you giving a speech about persecution? Then also tell what the group can do for children who are being persecuted for their faith. Think of praying, sending mail, or saving money.

To Talk About
*If you were going to give a presentation about another country, which country would you choose?
*Can you think of other tips that would help someone make an interesting presentation?
*A presentation could include country facts, the story of someone in the country, and ideas about how to help Christians in the country you chose. What else would you include?

Activities Story

Puzzle Frame Prayer Reminder

A volunteer at The Voice of the Martyrs decorated a picture frame with puzzle pieces to hold a photo of a Christian featured in VOM publications or on VOM websites. She attached the photo from this post to the frame.

Follow the instructions below to make your own puzzle piece frame.

*About 24 pieces from a discarded jigsaw puzzle.
*Cardboard or cardstock.
*A photo from a VOM publication or printed from a VOM website. (Variation: Use a photo of a courageous Christian in your community.)
*White glue.
*Optional: Mod Podge (decoupage medium).

*Cut out the photo, leaving a 1 ½ – inch margin on all sides.

*To make a frame, cut a piece of cardboard or cardstock the same size as the photo, including the margins. Cut out the center of the cardboard leaving a 1 ½ – inch margin on all sides.

*Glue a layer of puzzle pieces single file to the frame, leaving space between the pieces.

*When dry, glue a second layer on top of the spaces between the pieces in the first layer.

*Optional: Apply Mod Podge (decoupage medium) to the puzzle pieces to make them shiny. Let it dry.

*Glue the photo to the back of the frame so the photo shows through to the front. If desired, add a label below the photo with the name of a country or a person.

*Hang up the photo, or if you want to make a stand for the framed photo, fold a 12-inch long by 1 ½ – inch wide cardboard strip into a right triangle, and tape the end shut. Glue or tape one leg of the triangle to the back of the picture vertically so that the stand sits flat on a surface and holds up the photo.

*Pray for the Christian when you see his or her photo.

Ask a VOM Worker Story

Ask a VOM Worker: Prepare to Serve


A VOM worker who has five children ages 3 to 14 was asked the following question.

Q: How can kids prepare to serve God in the future?

A: Children should begin to pray now that God will guide them to a place where he can use them to make a lasting impact for the kingdom, wherever that is. It may be somewhere outside of the United States, or it might be in their hometown. But wherever it is, I think each one of us has a circle of influence that we can use for his glory. Praying for that is really a good place to start.

Comment: Do you have a question for a VOM worker? If so, leave a comment in the Comments section of this post.