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Bold Believers in North Korea

Bold Believers in North Korea includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where citizens are forbidden to practice Christianity. The 54-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

A Stuck Cow


Cattle in Pakistan

One day, a traveling team of Christians visited a carnival in Pakistan. The Christians hoped to share the good news of Jesus with the citizens of the town. Most of the people in Pakistan are Muslims.

As the team drove toward the carnival, they noticed a boy crying. Then they saw why he was so sad. His cow was stuck deep in mud. At first the cow struggled to get loose, but soon it grew tired and gave up.

The people in the area make their living by raising cattle and growing crops. The loss of a cow can be a serious problem for a family. But it looked like the boy would not be able to free his family’s cow.

So the Christians used their vehicle to pull the cow out of the mire. The boy was very happy and so grateful to the Christians!

“Why Did You Help?”
A Muslim leader had watched everything that happened with the boy and his cow. The Muslim said to the Christians, “There are other people here with vehicles, but no one tried to help the poor boy and his cow. But you seemed to care. Why did you help him?”

The Christians told the Muslim about the love of Jesus Christ. They explained that God cares about our burdens when we come to Him (1 Peter 5:7).

“It was the first time he had heard the truth about Jesus,” one of the Christians said later.

To Think About
The Christians didn’t plan to help a boy save a cow that day. They hoped just to share the gospel with people at the carnival. But God provided a way for them to explain the love of Jesus to Muslims in a practical way. Can you think of any practical ways you can serve others and talk to them about God’s love for the world (John 3:16)?

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Myanmar: Christians Warned

Myanmar evangelists

The people in the photo above are evangelists in Myanmar (Burma). Do you notice anything about them? If you said they all have shaved heads, you are correct

In the area where the evangelists serve the Lord, officials have warned Christians not to meet. They have closed churches and removed crosses from the buildings. Many pastors, evangelists and church members have been arrested, and others are missing.

The 14 evangelists in the photo were among the Christians who were arrested. The authorities shaved their heads so people would know who they are. Then they released them.

“We’re praying and trying to fight against fear,” a VOM contact said. “But it’s very difficult to do.” Pray for strength for the believers and Christian leaders in the region.

To learn more about Christians in Myanmar (Burma), download Bold Believers in Burma here.


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IDOP Reminder: Join the Global Prayer Meeting


The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church will be observed on November 4th this year.

Parents and Teachers
You can help your children “remember them that are in bonds” (Hebrews 13:3) on IDOP Sunday and throughout the year. Order a free DVD about Pakistani Christians here to preview and show, if appropriate, to your children.

Christians in Pakistan are routinely threatened and persecuted. They are often relegated to the lowest paying jobs and even to a form of slavery working for Muslim brick-kiln owners. However, they continue to serve and faithfully witness for Christ. The DVD will challenge viewers to pray for our Pakistani family and other persecuted believers.

Additional IDOP resources are also available here, and past IDOP lesson plans for kids are available for free download in the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

Torchlighters: The Augustine Story

Elise Wixtrom writes reviews of VOM resources for readers of Enter “Elise” in the search box to read about Elise and to find more of her reviews. Read below her review of the Torchlighters DVD, The Augustine Story, and watch a clip from the DVD.

The story of Augustine begins in Rome – 300 years after Christ’s life and death. Augustine was an educated man, well-studied in debate. He taught students in Rome the art of rhetoric (how to speak well). In fact, he was so good at public speaking that government officials offered him a job as “the voice of the emperor.” The voice of the emperor was a man who would speak for the emperor in public places. The court needed someone to do this because the emperor was very young and could not yet speak for himself in public.

Augustine accepted the job. “Tell me what to debate,” he told the officials, “and I will win on your behalf.”

Now the Roman leaders were angry because so many people were becoming Christians, and the Christians didn’t want or need the old Roman gods anymore. So one man, the prefect, wanted to get back at the growing Christian population by taking away their most amazing church, the Basilica. (A prefect was a high official in the Roman Empire.)

The Basilica was a place where the church would hold services, but it also housed and cared for the families of people who were treated unfairly by the Roman Empire. The prefect wanted to take the Basilica and make it a temple for his gods. So he told Augustine to find out all he could about the bishop who ran the church, and to find problems with what the bishop taught. They needed the information to take the Basilica without making all of Rome angry.

So Augustine went to services. He studied what the bishop taught. But he could not find anything at fault. He couldn’t figure it out. Augustine could not argue against an opposing view for the first time in his life. Augustine’s heart was softened when he heard about how the people of the church treated the poor, hungry, and downtrodden. He could not tell the people that the bishop was lying to them about Jesus, because it wasn’t true.

Eventually, the people sided with Augustine, and the officials let the Christians stay in the Basilica. Later in his life, Augustine himself began to follow Christ and live according to his word. Augustine is now regarded as one of the most important church fathers, and one of the most brilliant thinkers in Christian history. His story shows us that when someone is unjust and oppressive, you must stand up for the truth. You must stand up for what is right, even if it hurts or people don’t like you anymore. All Augustine did was to unashamedly tell the truth in front of everyone, and he is remembered even to this day.

Spotlight Story

Iran: Sara

A secret Sunday school in Iran

Seven-year-old Sara like to watch Christian satellite TV programs at her home in Iran. One of the programs explained the Good News of Jesus, and Sara trusted Him as her Savior!

Iran is a Muslim country, and most people don’t have Bibles. Sara really wanted a Bible of her own. She began to put aside money little by little in a piggy bank so she could buy a Bible.

One day, her Muslim uncle came to visit. Sara showed him her piggy bank and said, “Uncle, you won’t believe what is happening! I am going to get my first ever Bible. I’m so excited!”

Her uncle was furious. He broke the piggy bank, took the money, and hit Sara.

“God Is So Good”
It was Christmastime, and some Christians were praying for Sara’s town and for her family. They knew that Sara’s family and others in the town were very poor. The Christians decided to give Sara some food, supplies, stationery — and a Bible!

Sara’s mother called the TV station and let Sara talk to the Christians there. “I just want to tell the whole world that God is so good,” Sara told them. “My uncle broke my piggy bank and took all the money. But yesterday God brought me a Bible, a notebook, and some crayons!”

Pray that all the children in Iran will be able to learn the truths in the Bible.

(Source: Elam Ministries)