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Bold Believers in North Korea

Bold Believers in North Korea includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where citizens are forbidden to practice Christianity. The 54-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Activities Story

Langdi, A Game of India

Children playing langdi

Divide students into two teams with an equal number of players. Set off a small area as a playing field. To begin, one team is on the field, and a “raider” team is off the field. The raider team sends one raider (player) into the territory of the team on the field. The raider must hop on one foot while tagging as many players as possible.

The other team’s players try to run away from the raider to avoid being tagged, but they must stay within the boundaries of the field. If the raider’s other foot touches the ground, he or she is out of the game. If he or she is able to hop off the court on one foot successfully, anyone he or she tagged is out.

After the raiders’ turn, the teams switch positions. Those who were tagged out during the first raiders’ turn stay out of the game. The game is over when all the players on one team are out. The other team wins. If raiders are having difficulty tagging members of the other team, reduce the size of the playing field.

(Source: Bold Believers in India, available in the free Downloads section)

Spotlight Story

India: Poonam’s New Bible

Poonam and her torn Bible

The majority of people in India are Hindus, and Poonam was no exception. But she decided to leave the Hindu religion and follow Jesus! (See more about what Hindus believe here.)

At first, Poonam kept her new faith a secret from her Hindu husband. But one day, he found her Bible and tore it up in anger. After a while, he was so angry that he kicked her out of the house and would not let her see their two sons and daughter anymore.

Poonam moved in with relatives. Every day she prayed for her situation to improve. Other Christians prayed with her, and one day a Christian friend brought her a new Bible to replace the one her husband tore up. Poonam was so happy, she cried.

Poonam’s husband is still a Hindu, but in answer to her prayers, his heart has softened toward her, and their family is now back together. Sometimes he even attends church with Poonam. Please pray that he will come to Christ and will also understand and believe the truths in Poonam’s precious Bible.

Spotlight Story

This Month

Parent and Teachers
The April 2018 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter includes stories about Christians whose lives were changed when they received a Bible of their own for the first time in their lives.

You can share the adapted stories from this site about the featured Christians with your children, then pray together for the people in the stories.

Note: To subscribe to the free monthly The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter, visit the subscription signup page.

Spotlight Story

Uganda: Adamu

Adamu and his family

Four-year-old Adamu lived at a “safe house” in Nigeria with his parents. The residents of the safe house used to be Muslims. After they decided to leave Islam and follow Jesus, Muslim friends and family members began to persecute them. The Voice of the Martyrs provides a safe place for them to live while they make plans for their future.

(Islam is the religion of Muslims. You can read more about what Muslims believe here and in the downloadable book, “Learning About Islam” here.)

The new Christians in the safe house have a strong desire to learn more about Jesus and about how to live as a Christian. One day, VOM workers brought audio Bibles on MP3 players to the safe house for the residents. About 40 percent of Nigerians can’t read, and audio Bibles help the non-readers learn God’s Word.

Adamu can’t read yet either. He was excited when he saw the MP3 players. His excitement turned to sadness when he found out that the Bibles were only for adults. But at the end of the Bible distribution, there was an audio Bible left, and a worker gave it to Adamu! “He cannot read or write yet,” a worker said. “So this MP3 player will help him know the Bible just by listening. In his shy little words, he said, ‘I am very happy.’”

(Source: April 2018 The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter)

To Think About
A VOM worker said, “It is interesting to note that many of [the safe house residents] cherish this Bible more than Christians who grew up in the faith. For these Bibles, it is the one thing that they cherish most because they have seen the other side and know the cost of living a life without Christ.”

What does “cherish” mean? Why do you think many of the new Christians cherish the Bible more than some Christians who grew up in the faith?

Spotlight Story

Smuggling and Easter

Richard Wurmbrand started The Voice of the Martyrs after spending 14 years in Romanian prisons for his faith. From the beginning, VOM workers helped persecuted Christians and smuggled Bibles into countries where Christian work was illegal.

Pastor Wurmbrand wrote, “Is it right for Christians to sometimes do illegal things [like smuggling Bibles]?”

Here is how he answered the question:

“One night, the Light of the world ‘smuggled’ Himself into Bethlehem as a baby. Then He was crucified and buried. A seal was put on His grave by the authorities. Everyone knew that no one was supposed to break a government seal.

“But angels are not bound by earthly laws. An angel rolled away the stone, not caring about the seal.

“Would we have advised Jesus to abide by the law and remain in the grave after the authorities had sealed the tomb? Jesus ‘smuggled’ Himself out of the grave and into life again.

“Some people think we should not break the laws of rulers [who don’t all allow Bibles to be brought into their country]. Jesus broke the law of gravity and ascended into heaven [Acts 1:9].”

(Source: Reaching Toward the Heights by Richard Wurmbrand. Edited and paraphrased for length, clarity, and age appropriateness.)

To Talk About
*Read 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 and Acts 1:9. Then tell what the verses say in your own words.

*Read the chart about Bible smuggling here. Do you think Christians should obey the laws of anti-Christian countries that forbid handing out Bibles?

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