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Bold Believers in North Korea

Bold Believers in North Korea includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where citizens are forbidden to practice Christianity. The 54-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

Eritrea: In Trouble for Singing

Helen (right) and a Christian friend

One Saturday morning, police officers in Eritrea raided a children’s Bible study. The kids, ages 2 to 18, were taken to the police station with their teachers.

At the station the children began to sing a song. The song said, “I am not afraid of persecution, hardships, and even death. Nobody can separate me from the love of Jesus Christ.”

According to some reports, the police told the children to “shut up.” The youngest children were released that day, but the oldest had to stay longer.

Helen Berhane
The Bible study children were not the only singers the government wanted to “shut up.” Helen Berhane is an Eritrean gospel singer. Her music was popular with young people in Eritrea.
The police wanted Helen to sign a paper denying her faith in Christ. They wanted her to promise not to sing Christian music anymore. She refused.

The police took Helen to an army camp and kept her there for more than two years. She was treated harshly and was even forced to stay inside a hot metal shipping container much of the time. After Helen was released, she had to use a wheelchair because her legs and feet were injured in prison.

Christians are still arrested and put in prison in Eritrea.

(Source: Kids of Courage archives)

Prayer Requests from the August 2018 VOM newsletter
*Pray that Eritrean Christians will have the strength and grace to endure persecution and faithfully witness for Christ.

*Pray for the president of Eritrea’s salvation.

*Lift up the many parents who must raise their children alone while their spouse is in prison.

*Praise God for churches outside the country that are caring for children whose parents or other family members are still in Eritrea.

*Pray that Christian prisoners will be released and that Eritrea will restore freedom of worship.

*Pray that new doors will be opened to the gospel in Eritrea.

Activities Story

Magnet Prayer Reminders


To make clothespin magnets that remind you to pray for persecuted Christians, glue decorations on one side of a clothespin. (Or decorate it with colorful, patterned duct tape.) Attach a piece of peel-and-stick magnetic tape on the other side.

Create decorative labels that include the name of a country where Christians are persecuted. (Or cut out small photos  of persecuted Christians from The Voice of the Martyrs newsletters or printed from this site.)

Fasten the labels or photos with the clothespins, and display the clothespins on a refrigerator or another magnetic surface. Change or add to the items as you learn of additional prayer needs. Pray for one of the countries or Christians  on the clothespins during mealtime prayers or at other times when you notice the prayer reminders.

Note: The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) is in November. You can  begin now gathering materials for your family, group, or class to make magnetic prayer reminders for IDOP.

Spotlight Story

Eritrea: Afewerki and His Children

Afewerki and his children

The previous post told about Afewerki and Fkadu, Christians in Eritrea who were imprisoned for their Christian activities. Their family grieved when they learned that Fkadu had died due to harsh prison conditions, but they were comforted by knowing that she was with Jesus in heaven.

When Afewerki left prison, he knew he could never obey the government’s rules against attending prayer meetings. “I will not stop praying,” he said.

So Afewerki decided to take his children and escape to Ethiopia, a country next to Eritrea. First they had to sneak past two groups of Eritrean guards. If they were caught, Afewerki’s older children would be taken away from him and forced into the military. They younger ones would be taken to a prison camp.

Besides the guards, the family had to avoid stepping on land mines and being attacked by hyenas. But they made it to Ethiopia!

Now they live in a refugee camp. Afewerki doesn’t know what will happen to his family next, but he trusts that God will care for them. In the meantime, the children are able to sing in a church choir without fear of being arrested.

Afewerki asks Christians to pray for Eritrea and Eritrean Christians. “I don’t hate them,” he says of the Eritrean government. I would like all Christians in the world to pray that our government would accept the gospel.

(Source: The August 2018 VOM newsletter)

Spotlight Story

Eritrea: Afewerki

Afewerki and his children

Afewerki and his wife, Fkadu were raising their four children to love and follow Jesus. But the government of their country, Eritrea, approves only four religious groups: Islam (the religion of Muslims), Catholic, Lutheran, and Orthodox Christian. Christians in other groups are persecuted.

Because of their Christian activities, Fkadu was arrested last year in May. Two months later, Afewerki also went to prison.

The prisoners had only muddy river water to drink, and little food. And it was very hot.

[One Eritrean prisoner said temperatures at the prison were “above 48 degrees Centigrade.” To change Centigrade temperature to the Fahrenheit scale used in the United States, first multiply the Centigrade temperature by 9/5. 48 times 9/5 equals 86 2/5 or 86.4. Now add 32 to the answer to get the Fahrenheit temperature. How hot was the temperature in the prison?]

Sadly, Fkadu grew ill and was taken from the prison in an ambulance. Three months later, when Afewerki was released from the prison, he learned that his wife had died.

“I cried and cried,” he said. “But I am happy that my wife was a hero Christian, that she died for Christ.

Read the next post to find out what happened to Afewerki and his children.

(Source: The August 2018 VOM newsletter)

Uncategorized Story

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Parents and Teachers
The August 2018 issue of The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter includes stories about courageous Christians in Eritrea, updates from around the world, and an inspiring message from Sabina Wurmbrand, who founded The Voice of the Martyrs with her husband, Richard. You can share stories from this site about the featured Christians and countries with your children, then pray together for the people in the stories.

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