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Bold Believers in Syria

Bold Believers in Syria includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where civil war has driven more than 750,000 Christians from the country. The 48-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Activities Story

Easter Luminary

Needed: Paper; a 2-inch jar lid or other circular object; scissors; pencils; a small, sturdy craft bag with handles

Note: Some Coptic Christians in Egypt tattoo a cross on the inside of their wrist as a reminder of their Christian faith. Gangs that kidnap Christians remove the cross tattoos of their victims. But they can’t remove Jesus from the Christians’ hearts.


Spotlight Story

Five Ways to Pray During the Virus Pandemic

1. Pray for the protection of those not infected and for the healing of those who have become infected. Pray that they will trust in God and feel His presence and care each day.

2. Pray that Christians around the world and in the U.S. will seek opportunities to advance God’s kingdom amid the confusion and fear caused by the pandemic.

3. Pray for eternal fruit as Christians in China and other nations reach out to those affected by or fearful of the coronavirus.

4. Pray that followers of Christ will see God’s goodness amid hardship, sickness and loss caused by the coronavirus and that they will convey His goodness and hope to those around them.

5. Pray that this crisis will lead government officials in hostile areas and restricted nations to the truth of the gospel and the hope found only in Jesus Christ.

Readers Talk to Us Story

Classroom and Distance Learning with VOM Resources

Christian schoolteacher Amy P. led her elementary class in praying for a different country each day. The class looked at a map of the day’s country in the “Countries” section of The students also scratched off countries and flags on a scratch-off world map. “It’s been fun to see how our map has become more colorful throughout the year,” said Amy.

Sometimes the class used VOM’s Pray Today app to guide their prayers. “I still have kids from last year’s class that use the app to pray with their parents,” Amy added.

The class learned stories of Christian heroes from Torchlighters DVDs, and they performed a skit about North Korea for the school’s chapel. (The skit is available in the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum).

Now the school is closed and the children are participating in distance learning at home. But they haven’t stopped remembering the persecuted. “Even on Zoom—some of the kids still take notes while I’m telling about a country,” Amy said.

“We are doing our Living Wax Museum with my fourth graders through Zoom, and one of the boys is Eric Liddell  and one is Jim Elliot,” said Amy. “It will be wonderful to follow up on our Zoom time with some of the questions in the Torchlighters book.

Amy plans to read to her class from other Kids of Courage/VOM resources. “[Learning about persecuted Christians] has fostered MUCH more gratitude in my class so kids don’t take for granted that we get to have a Christian school that meets without restrictions. They often thank the Lord for this specifically without me prompting them.”

If you have suggestions for creative ways to use Kids of Courage/VOM resources in a class or through distance learning, you may share them by emailing [email protected]

Spotlight Story

Write a Note to Be Smuggled

The April 2020 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine offers readers an opportunity to write a note to people in North Korea. The note says, “God is real” in Korean.

In North Korea, it is illegal to say “God is real,” because the government leaders want citizens to honor them, not God. VOM uses several ways to get the Word of God into hard-to-reach places. Christian workers launch Scriptures into North Korea inside balloons, and they provide MP3 players containing God’s Word to people returning to North Korea from other countries. VOM also launches Bibles by sea. The Bibles are tracked by GPS to make sure they reach the shores of North Korea.

To find instructions for how you can write a note to be included in the Bibles for North Korea, visit

[Photo above: Preparing to launch a Scripture balloon. Left: “God is real” in Korean.]

Spotlight Story

KOC VBS: Facebook Comments

Are you planning a Vacation Bible School for your church? Do you want to share with children the encouraging stories of our persecuted family? The Kids of Courage VBS curriculum helps leaders present the stories of persecuted Christians in way that is appropriate for children.

Learn more here.

Read below a few comments from The Voice of the Martyrs Facebook page about the curriculum.

Leaders share the “news” at a KOC VBS

*My church did this last summer. The kids really enjoyed learning about the different countries and how to pray. The last day, the kids and their families packed MedPacks.

*You always have such creative ideas in how to make such a difficult problem something that kids can understand.

*Will be doing for my homeschool kids too!!

*It has a great song called “Stand Firm in the Faith”

*I’ve used this VBS if anyone has any questions just ask. I loved it.


*Eye opening cuuriculum!