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Bold Believers in North Korea

Bold Believers in North Korea includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where citizens are forbidden to practice Christianity. The 54-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Spotlight Story

Morocco: “This Hurts My Heart”

Schoolchildren in Morocco

Mustafa and Salma have suffered serious persecution as Christians in Muslim Morocco. But now their family has a new problem.

The couple decided to follow Christ after they got married. That’s when the trouble started.
*Mustafa’s Muslim relatives grew bitter toward him.
*The police questioned the Mustafa and Salma many times.
*Mustafa lost his job.
*Out of fear of persecution, church members turned against them.
*They had to move away from their community.

But God has blessed Mustafa and Salma in the midst of their struggles.
*They started a church in their new town.
*Mustafa teaches believers how to face persecution.
*They have baptized a new Christian.
*And, after seven years of prayer, God blessed them with a son.

But now that their son is old enough to go to school, the family has another concern. Mustafa cannot find work, so they can’t afford a private school. Their son has to attend a school with Muslim teachers and lessons. The boy has boldly proclaimed Jesus as king at school, but sometimes he comes home reciting verses from the Quran, the Muslim holy book.

“This hurts my heart so much,” said Mustafa. “I do not want him to grow up in a knowledge like this.”

Please pray for the family. Pray that Mustafa and Salma’s son will have the truth of Christ in his heart and will follow it.

(Source: The Voice of the Martyrs March 2019 newsletter.)

Activities Story

How to Start a Bible Study

Boys’ Bible study in Bangladesh

The previous post told about a 13-year-old American girl who used to be shy about letting people at school know that she was a Christian. Then she read about persecuted Christians and about how they suffer for their faith. She was inspired to be more courageous, and even started a Bible study for the girls in her class at school.

Read below her suggestions for having a Bible study.

1. Identify a group in your community you want to invite to a Bible study. Some examples are school friends, the kids in your neighborhood, or your sports teammates.

2. Get permission from your parents.

3. Make invitations. This is important because if you just tell someone you’re having Bible study at your house Monday nights, they are much more likely to forget. Invitations should be fun and include the following information: when and where the Bible study will be held, what to bring, if you will be serving snacks, your or your parent’s contact information, and whether or not to RSVP.

4. Pass out the invitations.

5. Get some composition notebooks (for taking notes) and extra Bibles, as some kids may not have one.

6. Find a Bible plan or decide what book you are going to read through.

7. At the end of each lesson, I like to do a closing activity. Sometimes I have them draw the lesson so they can imagine it better. Sometimes we do S.O.A.P. (Scripture, observation, application, and prayer), or I might have them make a list of how they could apply the lesson to their lives.

To Talk About
Are you shy about letting others know you are a Christian, or sharing with others about why you follow Jesus? What is one small step you can take toward developing courage?

Uncategorized Story

Timid Girl Inspired to Have Courage

Parents and Teachers: Preview is recommended before sharing the VOM newsletter with younger children.

“A while back, I started receiving [The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter],” a 13-year-old reader wrote to VOM. “At first, I was very timid and embarrassed about my religion. I was afraid kids at school would laugh at me if I talked about Jesus or God. So I did not.

“When I started reading your magazine, it inspired me to become more open about my faith. I even have started a Bible study and invited all the girls in my class. Now, when I’m worried about what others will think about me, I just ask myself, ‘If they can be tortured and die for Jesus, can’t I endure teasing?’ Thank you for giving me courage, VOM!”

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Next post: How to Start a Bible Study.

Spotlight Story

“Voices” Inspire the Next Generation

Parents and Teachers
Christians all over the United States are sharing stories of persecuted Christians with others in their families, neighborhoods, and churches. VOM Voices invite other believers to “remember the prisoners” (Hebrews 13:3) and to join in “the fellowships of His sufferings” (Philippians 3:10).
(Learn more about the VOM Voice program here.)

But “one of the challenges is sharing the stories of persecuted Christians with children,” said Todd Nettleton, the host of VOM Radio. Todd and Scott Poe, VOM’s Director of Voice Ministries review some of VOM’s resources for children at

To view their discussion, go to the site  and click on “More Videos.”  Select the “Be a Voice: Inspire the Next Generation” video.

Then read about how kids can help VOM Voices spread the word here.

Resources mentioned in the VOM Voices video are listed below.
*Torchlighters DVDs and The Torchlighters Ultimate Activity Book.
*The Witnesses Trilogy

Spotlight Story

Nigeria: Lina Learns About the God Who Loves Children

Nigerian Muslim girl

Praise and worship music drifted out of the small thatched Sunday school pavilion outside of a church in Nigeria. Lina, a Muslim girl in the village, couldn’t resist being drawn to the music. She stopped and listened to the beautiful words of the songs.

Soon Lina began joining the group every week. In addition to singing, they told amazing stories of the kindness of Jesus, who loves children.

Lina kept her visits to the church a secret from her Muslim family. But her father discovered her secret, and he hit her. He commanded her never to return to the church.

After Lina disobeyed her father and went back to the church, he moved his whole family to another village where there was no church! Then, to make sure Lina wouldn’t hang around with Christians anymore, the gave her in marriage to a non-Christian man.

Lina was much too young to be married, and she was scared. She often ran away from her husband’s house and went home to her mother. But each time she was returned to her husband.

Finally Lina fled to the church in her old village. Christians helped her settle in a safe house in a city, where she is healing from her ordeal and learning more about Jesus.

(Source: VOM Australia)

Pray for Lina’s safety and for her to grow in her faith. Pray that her family will open their hearts to Jesus.