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Bold Believers in Syria

Bold Believers in Syria includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, crafts, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of their Christian brothers and sisters who face Islamic extremism. The 48-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

Bold Believers in Syria provides age-appropriate companion material for VOM’s I Am N information and resources. (See

Spotlight Story

Christians in China: Part 2

Watch the video to learn more about Christians in China today. As you watch, look for answers to the following questions.

1. For what reason does Pastor Wong say God uses persecution to test Christians?
2. What does Pastor Wong say makes Christians stronger?

Spotlight Story

Christians in China: Part 1

About half the people in China are not part of any religion. And about 40% are Buddhist or followers of traditional Chinese religions. Less than 10% are Christian.

The majority of Chinese Christians worship in house churches that are not approved by the government. In some parts of China, police raid house churches, arrest Christians, and take away Bibles. But millions of people are coming to Christ every year.

Watch the video to learn more about Christians in China today. As you watch, look for answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the capital of China?
  2. How many people live there?
  3. What happened to the believers who showed up for church that day?

Spotlight Story

Sudan: Building Blocks Scene

For many years, The Voice of the Martyrs has helped Christians under attack in Sudan. VOM supporters prepare Action Packs for Sudanese Christians, and VOM delivers medical supplies, medicine, and Bibles to them.

A reader found a unique way to illustrate VOM’s work in Sudan. They used interconnecting plastic building blocks to show VOM workers delivering goods to Christians in need. (See the photo below.)

Can you think of a unique way to share information about persecuted Christians with others?

Spotlight Story

Bees Rescue Pastors in Sudan

Pastor Morris, a Christian leader in Sudan, told workers from The Voice of the Martyrs what happened after 20 pastors were kidnapped by soldiers in his country.

Activities Story

Make a Thumb Piano

African thumb piano

Thumb pianos are instruments used in Sudan and other African countries to accompany singing. You can make a simple thumb piano.

Needed: 3 large bobby pins; a piece of sanded wood about 6 inches wide, 3½ inches tall, and ½ inch thick; pliers, and a staple gun.

Squeeze the looped ends of 3 bobby pins with pliers. As your release your hold on the bobby pins, they will break.

With a staple gun and the help of an adult, staple the broken pieces to the wood. Fasten each piece with 2 staples. Staple the first pin near the top of the pin (the broken end). To create different sounds, fasten each remaining pin further and further away from the top of the board — but no further than halfway down the pin. Bend the bottom ends of the pins upward, away from the board.

To play the thumb piano, hold it in both hands, with one hand on each side of the thumb piano, and pluck the pins with your thumbs.

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