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Bold Believers in North Korea

Bold Believers in North Korea includes stories, history and culture facts, activities, and recipes that help children understand the daily lives of people in a country where citizens are forbidden to practice Christianity. The 54-page book is available free from the Downloads section of this site.

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Homework Help for School Reports

Would you like to read U.S. State Department reports about religious freedom in other countries? Click here, then click on a year (for example, “2016”) on the sidebar on the left. Find countries in the “Countries/Regions” section.

The reports include:
*A summary of religious freedom in the country
*The percentage of the people in the country who follow various religions
*Government rules and practices toward religious groups
*How people in communities in the country treat people of different religions

Read some facts from the 2016 reports below.

The law … prohibits publicizing and promoting religions other than Islam and bans articles on any topic the government deems might harm the physical, spiritual, and moral well-being of persons, especially children and adolescents.

Militants raided a girls school in Aden on March 8, to give “a last warning” to the students who had not yet adopted the imposed clothing rules detailed in leaflets signed by [Muslim radicals].

By law, non-Muslims may not serve [as judges], [in] the security services (separate from regular armed forces), or as public school principals.

North Korea
Ownership of Bibles or other religious materials brought in from abroad is reportedly illegal and also punishable by imprisonment and severe punishment, including, in some cases, execution.

Authorities… harassed or detained the family members, including children, of religious leaders and religious freedom activists.

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China: Christian School Closed

Officials in some parts of China try to prevent children from attending religious services. But bold Christians in China continue to teach children about Jesus.

A church in the Henan province of China started a Christian school in the home of a woman named Zhu. But a few months ago, national security officers came to the house and took away books and a computer, and closed the school. The officials believed that the teachers were “brainwashing” the students. “Brainwashing” means pressuring or forcing someone to learn different beliefs and attitudes in order to make them give up their own beliefs.

Pray that the children will be able to continue learning about Jesus and the Bible. Pray that their parents will find new ways to educate their children.

Activities Story

Halo Halo

Halo halo is a Philippine treat. You can try one version of the treat using the recipe below.

*Assortment of fresh or canned fruit, diced into small pieces (suggestions: bananas, coconut, melons, mangos, pineapples)
*Gelatin dessert, cubed (optional)
*Plain, vanilla, or flavored yogurt
*Caramel ice cream topping or pancake syrup
*Finely crushed ice
*Milk or cream
*Ice cream

1. Fill a tall glass about half full with fruit and gelatin cubes.
2. Top with 2 tbsp. of yogurt.
3. Drizzle with topping or syrup.
4. Add a handful of finely crushed ice.
5. Pour ½ cup of milk or cream into the glass. Poke holes in the mixture with a knife to allow the liquid to filter to the bottom of the fruit.
6. Top with a scoop of ice cream.

Enter “Philippines” in the Search Box to find stories about bold Christians in the Philippines.

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Philippines: A Game and Manners


Pabitin is a traditional children’s party game in the Philippines. Small bags of toys or treats are hung from a grid of sticks or wires. An adult raises and lowers the treats by pulling a rope or string attached to the grid. As the treats are lowered, the children jump up to try to grab them before the grid is pulled away.

Good Manners
Children in the Philippines learn to greet older people in a special way. The children take the adult’s hand and touch the back of the hand to their own forehead.

Enter “Philippines” in the Search Box to find stories about bold Christians in the Philippines.

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“Real People, Real Situations”

“Jail” constructed by church members for display at the VBS

Vera D. led a VBS at her small church in Missouri last summer using the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum. “It was a huge success, and the children and adults loved it,” Vera said.

“I asked the kids at our final assembly if they had learned a lot of new things about kids of courage and they all yelled yes,” Vera continued. “When I asked all the workers if they had learned a lot this week while teaching the kids, I received a unanimous yes as well. The volunteers were pleased to do a VBS with real people and real situations instead of just cartoon characters. One of the children’s mothers stood up in church on Sunday and praised all of us for sharing about kids of courage with her son.”

Learn more about the Kids of Courage VBS curriculum here.

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