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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) web sites. VOM remains very committed to protecting all user information on and related sites. The Voice of the Martyrs will not sell, lease or rent personal information acquired within our web site. No personal information will be gathered without your knowledge and permission. The Voice of the Martyrs will continue to protect all personal information to the best of our ability. All financial transaction shall be processed secure with SSL encryption.

This web site may be linked to other web sites as well as other web sites linked to The Voice of the Martyrs has no control over non-“VOM” web sites and the users shall be subject to the privacy policy of that site.

The Voice of the Martyrs may request information from its users to protect site content and monitor activities within the site. Users will also be given the opportunity to provide further information to help The Voice of the Martyrs better help those they serve. As stated above, this information will remain private and shall never be sold, leased or rented to another organization.

If you have any questions concerning The Voice of the Martyrs privacy policy please contact [email protected].