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A series of scripts for skits and plays that children may perform to learn more about the persecuted church.

Faithful Stewards
Kids learn that everything in our lives, including our time, is a valuable gift from God.

Jail Visit
Prison guard learns from a confiscated Bible how his sins can be forgiven.

Samir at School
Christian student in a Muslim land stands up to classroom ridicule for his faith.

“News Broadcast”: Never Alone
Christians in North Korea disappear after a child praises God at school.

Brian’s Challenge
Brian is challenged to learn more about his own faith and God’s Word after meeting dedicated Muslim kids.

Links in the Chain
Christian prisoner recognizes that he is a link in the chain of faithful Christians from the past who have sacrificed for Christ.

Deny Jesus or Die
Christians in a communist country who trust God when faced with extreme threats are surprised by their persecutors’ reaction.

A Time is Coming
Muslim youth in Egypt comes to Christ and discovers family secrets.

Always Ready to Give an Answer
Police question a Christian woman who answers the questions in their hearts.

Trading Places
North Korean and American boys find out what life is like “on the other side.”

Chinese Underground Church
Children witness to police at a secret underground church meeting in China.

God’s Word Goes Forth
Vietnamese police are unable to stop a Bible distribution.

Window to the Persecuted Church
American youth learn not to take their freedoms for granted.

A former Muslim talks about his new faith in Christ.

Refusing to Bow (for younger students)
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refuse to disobey God.

Standing Alone for the Truth
A man of God finds himself in the minority when he tells the truth.