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“Do You Want to See My New Book?”


“Our goal is a ‘Bible for Every Believer.’ What is remarkable about this goal is that many of the believers we serve are in the most hostile and restricted places on earth. Places where it is possible to be killed just for possessing contraband — like a Bible.” — a worker in The Voice of the Martyrs’ International Ministries department

A VOM worker told the following story after a recent Bible distribution in Nepal.

“That morning, we also distributed Children’s Bible story books. I was so pleased to see the young girl in this picture sharing her story book with a neighbor. As soon as our meeting was over, she ran out the door where her Hindu neighbor boy was waiting. We smiled at him and then she asked him if he wanted to see her new book. Of course he did! He couldn’t wait to check it out! He began to excitedly flip through the pages, and I have a feeling that he’ll get a chance to read the entire book before long.”

To Think About

  • Learn more about the beliefs Hindu children are taught here. What are some of the differences between Hinduism and Christianity?
  • Have you ever shared a Bible story with someone who had never heard the story before?