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VBS in Vietnam


Hmong [pronounced “mong”] people are a tribal group in Southeast Asia. Many are Christians. Others are seeking Jesus, but they have no one to tell them about the Savior. Government leaders in some areas do not want tribal members to become Christians.

Hmong Christians in Vietnam recently held a two-day Bible school for children ages 6 to 12 to teach them about Jesus. (See the photo.) The photo shows the children during a lunch break. They are eating on banana leaf mats, and their rice bowls are made of banana leaves, too. Other bowls contain instant noodle soup to put on the rice.

“Hmong people are very poor in most of the remote areas,” said a Christian worker. “That is the kind of food they can afford.”

What else can you tell about their lives and the area where they live from the photo?

To Do

  • Enter “Hmong” in the Search box to find more stories about Hmong Christians, or download Bold Believers of the Hmong People from the Downloads section. The book contains stories, coloring pages, activities, and culture facts.
  • Can you serve your family, class, or group rice and instant soup and share what you have learned about Hmong Christians? If desired, use “banana leaf” tablecloths that you make from a green paper roll.

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