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Pakistan: Meerab


The following story came to The Voice of the Martyrs from Pakistan.

I am a 9-year-old Pakistani Christian girl. My name is Meerab George. I am studying in the 5th grade. Although I go to a Christian school, there are many Muslim students studying at the school. Muslim teachers also work here.

In September 2014, my father brought home some small crosses. I like one of the crosses, and I wear it around my neck. When I wear this cross, I pray to the Lord, “Oh Lord, always save me from the devil and please help me in my school situation.” Then I am peaceful.

When I first wore the cross in school, a Muslim classmate asked me, “What is that on your neck?” I said, “This is a cross, the sign of our Christianity.”

The Muslim girl said, “You shouldn’t wear this in the school. You have to remove it from your neck.”

I said, “I will not remove it from my neck.” We were arguing on the issue.

The teacher, who was Muslim, spoke to me with hard words. She told me to remove the cross and not to wear it to school again. But I am strong in my faith. I refused to remove the cross from my neck. The teacher threatened me, “Meerab, if you will not remove this cross I will kick you out of the class.”

I said, “Miss, do whatever you want. You can even kick me out of school, but I will not remove the cross.”

Other teachers came to know what happened, and they settled the issue among them. After this incident, I am stronger in my faith in Jesus; I am still wearing the cross and going to school. I know the Lord is always with me.

Read a story and watch a video clip about another Christian student who wore a cross necklace to school in the post “It’s Okay to Suffer for Christ.”




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