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Ahmed: “A Hard Time Sitting Still”

A child in India

Do you know someone who has a hard time sitting still and being quiet? Ahmed, a Christian in India, has a hard time sitting still and keeping quiet. And God is using his abilities to reach Muslims for Christ.

India has more than 100 Muslims, and Ahmed used to be one of them. He was a zealous Muslim teacher. A person who is “zealous” is eager, dedicated, enthusiastic, and committed. Ahmed was committed to Islam, the religion of Muslims. He was probably not still and quiet in those days either.

But God had better plans for Ahmed.

A Zealous Christian
A missionary introduced Ahmed to the truth about Jesus, and Ahmed trusted in Him as his Savior. After becoming a Christian, he could not stop talking about Jesus! At the Muslim school where he worked, he led several students and other teachers to Christ. Muslims noticed all his Christian activities, and he was ordered to appear before a Sharia (Muslim) court.

Ahmed hoped he could be allowed to tell the court that he had not committed a crime — he has simply shared with others the truth that changed his life. Instead, the court ordered him to deny Christ and return to Islam.

Ahmed refused.

So the court cancelled his marriage and took away his land and house. They gave custody of his children to his wife and ordered Ahmed to pay large amounts of money for child support. But Ahmed had no money because he lost his job at the Muslim school. Ahmed’s wife married another man who moved into his home and took over his land.

Ahmed was discouraged at first, but he continued to share Christ with others, especially Muslim teachers. The Voice of the Martyrs helped him find a place to live and helped him pay his court costs.

Christians who work with Ahmed say he has renewed energy! In the first half of this year, seven Muslim teachers and several other Muslims were baptized after Ahmed led them to Christ.

Ahmed now spends time training new believers to share God’s love. Some he led to the Lord are now witnessing and preaching to others.

“He almost has a hard time sitting still because he is so desperate to do his work!” said a worker.

(Source: December 2014 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine)

To Think About

  • What can we pray for Ahmed?
  • What can we pray for Ahmed’s ex-wife and family?
  • What can we pray for the Muslims who are hearing the truth about Jesus from Ahmed and other new Christians?