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A Tale of Two Brothers

Pastor Wurmbrand in prison

Pastor Richard Wurmbrand was a Romanian pastor who spent 14 years in prison for his Christian activities. After he got out of prison, he and his wife, Sabina, started The Voice of the Martyrs.

In prison, Pastor Wurmbrand continued to tell people about Jesus. He told the following story to some of the inmates.

Pastor Wurmbrand’s Story
A long time ago there were two brothers. The older brother was good. The younger brother was rebellious, and he and his friends were part of a bad gang.

The older brother prayed for the younger brother, and he often begged him to change his ways. But the younger brother paid no attention.

One night the older brother sat in his room reading. The younger brother burst into his room. “Help me!” said the younger brother. “The police are after me! There has been a big fight and I have committed a crime!” There was blood and dirt all over the younger brother’s clothes.

“I will save you!” said the older brother. “Let’s change clothes.” The older brother put on the dirty, blood-stained clothes and gave his brother his own clean, white shirt and pants.

The brothers had just finished changing clothes when the police arrived. They had chased the younger brother from the fight and finally caught up with him. But as soon as they saw the older brother in dirty clothes, they arrested him, believing he was the criminal.

The police took the innocent brother in dirty clothes before a judge. He told the judge, “I take responsibility for the crime.” The judge had all the evidence he needed: the police report, the bloodstained clothes, and a confession. He sentenced the older brother to prison for life, and asked if he had anything to say.

“Yes,” said the innocent brother. “Please give my brother this letter.”

The next day, the younger brother read the letter. “I am in prison for your crime,” the letter said. “I am happy to offer this sacrifice for you. But I would like you, in return, to live a good, pure life in the white clothes I gave you.”

The younger brother was full of shame. He ran to the judge to confess his guilt. But the judge did not believe his story because he had seen the evidence and heard the confession.

After that, when the younger brother’s old friends invited him to wild parties, he would say, “I can no longer do the evil deeds I did before in the white clothes my brother gave me.”

To Discuss
How might this story explain Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross to someone who did not know the gospel?

[Source: From Suffering to Triumph by Richard Wurmbrand. (Not in print) Edited, paraphrased and adapted from the original for clarity and age-appropriateness]


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  1. hi who ever made that story of the two brothers that was great you should make a book two or finish that story because that was probably is one of my favorite story on kidsofcourage 😉 🙂


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