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Five Facts About Tajikistan


  • Emomali Rahmon is the president of Tajikistan. His birthday is on October 5th. He was born in 1952.
  • Tajikistan is north of Afghanistan and west of China. Mountains cover about 90 percent of Tajikistan. Glaciers are common in the mountains.
  • In recent years, athletes from Tajikistan have won medals at the Olympics in boxing, judo, and wrestling. Soccer is the country’s most popular sport.
  • Tajik is the language of Tajikistan. To say “thank you” in Tajik, say, “tah-shah-KOOR.”
  • Most people in Tajikistan are Muslims. Christians in Tajikistan recently reported that government officials visited churches to find out if they were teaching children about Christianity. Confusing laws make it uncertain whether or not it is legal to teach children about any religion.

Pray for the president of Tajikistan on his birthday. Pray that he will rule his country wisely and fairly and that his government will not prevent anyone from learning about Jesus.


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