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Egypt: Twins Risk Flunking for Jesus


Andrew and Mario are twins living in Egypt. In 2007, when they were 13, the boys were required to take a test to pass to the next grade in school.

Andrew and Mario refused to take the test.

Islamic Studies
The twins and their mother are Christian. Their father used to be a Christian, too. But he decided to leave his family, marry a Muslim, and become a Muslim.

Children in Egypt are under the control of whichever parent is a Muslim. Andrew and Mario were placed in Islamic studies class at school because of their father’s religion.

Islam is the religion of Muslims. In Islamic classes, children are taught:

  • Allah created the universe. People cannot have a close personal relationship with him.
  • If people do enough good works, Allah will let them into heaven when they die. But no one knows how many good works are enough. Allah can forgive whomever he wants, or not.
  • Muslim students are taught that Jesus was just a man. Muslims say he did not die on a cross, and that no one is saved through Him.

As Christians, Andrew and Mario knew:

  • God is a loving heavenly Father to His children.
  • Jesus is God’s Son.
  • Salvation is by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, who died for the sin of the world.

The Test
Andrew and Mario refused to take the test over the Islamic teachings in May, because they do not believe the teachings. In July, school officials gave the boys a second chance by scheduling a make-up test.

“It’s your future and the decision is yours,” their mother told them. She made sure that the boys knew they would fail if they did not answer the questions. The twins’ Muslim friends offered to help Andrew and Mario answer the questions.

But on exam day, both boys wrote, “I am a Christian,” on their exam papers. They left all the answers blank. Andrew and Mario knew they might flunk their grade and have to repeat it.

In August, a government official announced that he would allow the boys to pass, even though they had failed the test. The future is still uncertain for Andrew and Mario. Pray they will stay strong in their faith no matter what struggles they face.

(Sources include: Compass Direct and the U.S. Copts Association. Photo courtesy of Watani.)



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