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Susan Update


Previous posts have told the story of Susan, a Christian girl in Uganda. After she became a Christian, her father, who is not a Christian, locked her in a room in their mud hut. She lived on roasted bananas that her brother secretly gave her. Their father threatened both Susan and her brother with further harm.

Neighbors told the police what was happening, and Susan was rescued from the house after several months. But she was sick and weak from the harsh treatment, and she could not even walk and talk. She needed two operations and had to stay in the hospital for a long time. Now she has to walk on crutches.

The Voice of the Martyrs is helping Susan go to school. A VOM contact recently provided the following report about Susan.

“Susan is progressing well at school. She is coping with the environment and enjoys her time at school. There seems to be great improvement in her health. She continues to trust the Lord and keeps witnessing for Him to her peers, using her life story and testimony. Please keep her on your prayer list.”

Praise God for His continued care for Susan.