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God’s Prisoner

“Jail is no hindrance to a useful Christian life” — Pastor Richard Wurmbrand

Pastor Wurmbrand was arrested in the mid-20th century in Romania for his Christian witness and activities. He spent a total of 14 years in Romanian prisons. Later he and his family left Romania and started the ministry which became The Voice of the Martyrs. The story below tells about something that happened when he was in prison.

“Even though Richard was all alone, God had not forgotten him. One day the silence was broken with the sound of tapping.

“He leaned over and placed his ear against the wall.

“‘It’s a code!” rejoiced Richard. Someone was trying to talk to him through the sounds of tapping on the wall. He tapped, ‘I am a pastor.’

Richard listened carefully to the rhythmic raps. The man was confessing the wrongs he had done to people. ‘Can God forgive me?’ he asked Richard.

“‘He can forgive you,” tapped Richard. Despite the long days locked in a wet cell with no good food or clean water, Richard could still share Christ with others.”

The excerpt above is from God’s Prisoner: The Story of Richard Wurmbrand available at VOM Books.

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