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Eritrea: No More Church for Joseph


“No more church,” said Joseph, an 11-year-old Christian boy in Eritrea. “Now we worship in a secret place hidden from the police.” Members of church groups that are not approved by the Eritrean government can be arrested for meeting together.

Joseph also has problems at school. “Whenever there is talk about Christians, the children insult me and try to bite me sometimes,” said Joseph. “When I pray to God, He gives me strength to handle the situation.

“I found Christ in Sunday school when I was 5,” said Joseph. “My father was always teaching me about my Lord.”

But Joseph never sees his dad anymore. His father was in danger of arrest because of his faith, so he secretly escaped from Eritrea. Joseph and his mother cannot escape. “It is a very dangerous route through the desert,” said a Christian friend of the family. “For a woman and kid, it would be impossible to try.”

Hopes and Dreams for the Future
Joseph is scared sometimes, but he continues to go to school and to follow God. He answered the following questions about life in Eritrea and about himself.

Question: What language do you speak?

Joseph’s answer: Tigrinya.

Q: How do you say “Hello” in Tigrinya?

A: KEH-may ah-LOH-KAH to a man; KEH-may ah-LOH-KEE to a woman.

Q: What are Eritrean kids concerned about?

A: Going to war, not finding a job, losing a family member in a war.

Q: What is your favorite Bible story?

A: The story of David and Goliath. Even though David was small, he defeated Goliath the giant because God was with him.

Q: What would you like to do in the future?

A: I want to finish school, get a job, and testify that Christ is my Lord.

Joseph also said, “Americans might not understand how their freedom to worship God is so precious. Please pray for our country.”

Learn more about Christians in his country in the book Bold Believers in Eritrea, available here.



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