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Obedience: The Muslim Boy

A Muslim boy

“Whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also” (Matthew 5:39).

One day a Muslim boy heard a Christian boy talking about Jesus. “Jesus teaches that we must love our enemies. He says we should ‘turn the other cheek’ when we are struck,” the Christian explained.

“I will test this teaching,” thought the Muslim boy.

He slapped the Christian boy.

The Christian began weeping. “I am weeping for you,” he told the Muslim.

The Muslim was amazed. “Where does this teaching come from?” he asked the Christian. The Christian boy showed him Chapter 5 of the Book of Matthew. The Muslim boy read the whole chapter. He decided he would try to live by the teachings he found in the chapter.

But he could not. He had habit of saying bad words, and he couldn’t break the habit. And he couldn’t understand why it would be “blessed” to mourn (Matthew 5:4).

The Muslim boy asked a wise Christian for advice. The Christian said, “No one can follow such teachings by himself. Only one life has been perfect — the life of Jesus Himself. Ask Him to come into your heart and He will change you.”

The Muslim boy took the Christian’s advice, and he became a new person. The Christian boy’s obedience to the teachings of Jesus had opened his eyes to a new way of life.

Source: From the Lips of Children by Richard Wurmbrand

To Think About
A persecuted Christian in Sudan said, “I hated Muslims. Then I asked God to help me change. I asked others to pray for me, too. I learned that God can change your heart. Before, when I hated Muslims, I had no peace. But now I do.”

Sometimes it’s not easy to love. God’s plan is for us to love others, and to need His help to do it, every step of the way.