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Beorn’s Bible Project

Happy Indonesian children with new Bibles

Beorn lives in Indiana where he attends the New Castle First Baptist Church. Beorn loves Jesus! Last December, at the age of 7, he was baptized. At his baptism, he said, “I want to give myself as a gift to Jesus for Christmas.”

Beorn volunteers at Special Olympics and enjoys helping special needs children. He is active in gymnastics, and he especially likes to play with Legos. He saved money for a long time to buy a Star Wars Lego toy.

Every night before bed, Beorn and his family have a worship time. They read from the Bible and pray, and Beorn works on Bible memory verses for his church’s AWANA program. Beorn understands the importance of studying and learning God’s Word.

April 2014
Christians in some places around the world also understand the importance of learning God’s Word, but they don’t have Bibles to study. Beorn and his family learned about these Christians from the April 2014 The Voice of the Martyrs magazine Special Bible Issue. VOM offered the opportunity for readers to purchase Bibles for persecuted Christians who had requested Bibles.

Beorn’s parents asked if he wanted to help VOM provide Bibles for Christians who don’t have them. They told him they would double the amount he gave. After thinking and praying, Beorn offered enough money from his Lego fund to pay for five Bibles. His parents doubled his offering and sent money for 15 Bibles to VOM.
Total: 15 Bibles

Beorn wrote a letter asking other Christians to help provide Bibles. He gave the letter to his friends and members of his church. At his AWANA meeting, the children’s ministry leader made a contribution. A few other adults decided to participate.

Word of Beorn’s Bible project spread through the church. The total of offerings grew to enough for 55 Bibles. “He is so encouraged and so are we!” said his father. “It’s good to see the Body of Christ at work for the glory of God!”
Total: 55 Bibles

“A movement of the Spirit happened tonight during AWANA,” said Beorn’s father one evening. Beorn came home after AWANA and gave his entire piggy bank to his parents for Bibles for believers. They counted his coins and bills and were amazed to see that he had enough for 20 Bibles in his remaining Lego fund.

God provided Beorn’s parents unexpected money from work to double Beorn’s offering as they had promised. Beorn’s AWANA leader and others increased the total.
Total: 120 Bibles

People continued to respond to Beorn’s project. “His heart was deeply moved by the support of his church and friends,” said his father. “We continue to pray daily for [the people who will receive the Bibles].”
Total: 170 Bibles

To find out how to provide Bibles for persecuted believers, visit this page.




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