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Transportation Puzzle

Travel Slideshow

The “travel sideshow” in this post shows unique ways of transportation encountered by VOM workers in their travels.

In the sentences below, find eight ways of transportation VOM contacts use to transport Bibles to places where Bibles are hard to get.

Search for these words: train, camel, ship, bus, donkey, barge, van, and plane.

  1. The sleepy boy came late to school.
  2. The violinist played on key at every concert.
  3. Restaurant cooks plan each meal carefully.
  4. Moses saw a burning bush.
  5. It was not raining when Noah started on his ark.
  6. Jesus said a servant is not above his master.
  7. A candy bar gets soft if you leave it in the sun.
  8. The zookeeper’s hippopotamus didn’t fit in the cage.

Country Search Answers

  1. Camel
  2. Donkey
  3. Plane
  4. Bus
  5. Train
  6. Van
  7. Barge
  8. Ship


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