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Framed Photo Prayer Reminder


Use a framed photo of a persecuted Christian to remind yourself to pray for your brother or sister in Christ.

Find and print out a photo of a Christian from another country on this website. You can also use a photo from The Voice of the Martyrs’ magazine or VOM Prayer Calendar.

Cut out the photo, leaving a 2-inch margin on all sides. To make a frame, cut a piece of peel-and-stick craft foam the same size as the photo, including the margins. Cut out the center of the sheet of craft foam leaving a 2-inch margin on all sides. Carefully peel the backing off the foam, and place it on the photo page to form a frame.

Cut a piece of cardboard the same size as the framed picture. Use colorful tape to decorate the frame, wrapping it around the back of the picture to hold the cardboard in place.

If you want to make a stand for the framed photo, fold a 12-inch long by 1-inch wide thick cardboard strip into a right triangle. and tape the end shut. Glue or tape one leg of the triangle to the back of the picture so that the stand sits flat on a surface and holds up the photo.

Another option is to make a frame out of cardboard instead of craft foam. You can decorate the frame and glue it to the photo.


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