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Indonesian Love Story

Sini reading her Bible

Sini grew up in a Muslim family in Indonesia. When she was a child, she went to a party at her aunt’s house in another village. She met Ismail, a Christian boy, at the party. They became friends, even though Ismail was a Christian. After Sini returned to her village she and Ismail kept in touch by writing letters.

Sini was a devoted Muslim. Following Muslim customs, she prayed memorized Muslim prayers five times a day.

Several years after she met Ismail, Sini had a scary illness that caused her legs to become paralyzed. Her parents looked for people to heal her: they took her to doctors, who used medicine, and shamans, who used magic, but she remained unwell. In his letters to her, Ismail suggested that Sini pray in the name of Jesus.

One day, when she was alone in her bedroom, Sini had a vision of a bright light. The vision scared her, and she called out to her father. After the vision, she could move her legs. Little by little, she was able to walk again. She realized that Jesus had healed her. Sini began to follow Him.

Ismail and Sini’s relationship grew stronger, and he wanted to ask her to marry him. But Sini’s parents didn’t want them to marry. They wanted Sini to marry a Muslim. Sini’s father even chased Ismail from their house with a big knife. Sini’s parents tried everything they could think of to keep Sini and Ismail apart.

But after years of close friendship, Sini and Ismail did get married. Sini’s parents finally accepted Ismail as their son-in-law.

Sini and Ismail now have three children, and the family is active in their church. Recently they were grateful to receive Bibles from a VOM Bible distribution.

Sini said that her struggles with her parents were a “heavy test” of her faith, but that these struggles drew her closer to God.

Romans 5:3–4, NIV, says: Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.

How did Sini say that her suffering helped her?

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