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Morocco: A Bully Finds a Better Way


Aaron was a Muslim teenager from a large family in Morocco. Sometimes he was a bully to his sisters and cousins. He called them names and started arguments with them for little or no reason.

Many young people from Morocco leave their country and get jobs in another country. Two of Aaron’s older cousins, Esther and John, did just that. In his new home, John met some Christians who shared with him the truth about Jesus.

When Aaron heard that John had become a Christian, he was upset. The Muslim holy book, the Koran, says that Muslims who convert to other religions are “losers” (Koran Sura 3:85). Then Aaron found out that Esther had also decided to give her life to Jesus.

Aaron began e-mailing John to ask him questions. “Why did you and Esther become Christians?” he asked. “Is it because you are around other Christians and you wanted to follow their customs? Is it just a new habit you started?”

New Creations
Finally Aaron decided to visit his cousins to find out what had happened to cause them to leave Islam. When he got to Esther’s home, he began to bully her. He called her names, trying to start an argument like he had done in the past.

Esther responded with kindness and self-control. Aaron began to see that Esther had completely changed. She was a “new creation” (2 Corinthians 5:17). Esther was not a Christian out of habit or to follow a new custom.

Aaron wanted to know more about the faith that changed his cousin. As he learned more, he realized that he was a sinner in need of the salvation that comes by God’s grace through faith in Christ.

The Bible does not promise that Christians will have an easy life. After Aaron repented of his sins and began to follow Christ, he knew he had a difficult task to do. He had to return to Morocco and tell his parents.

Aaron knew of other Muslim parents in Morocco whose children had become Christians. “Don’t come home anymore,” the parents told the children. “We are no longer your parents.” One family allowed their Christian son to live with them, but refused to let him eat with them.

When Aaron got home, his parents had already heard the news. But they had also heard about the changes in Esther. They decided to wait and see if Aaron had changed before giving their opinion.

Please pray that Aaron will stay strong even if he faces struggles for his new faith. Pray that his parents will also be drawn to the One whose followers are “new creations.”