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The Six-Year-Old Evangelist


In Tehran, Iran, a 6-year-old boy watched a Christian television program about Jesus. The Muslim government does not allow Christian TV programs to be produced in Iran. But they cannot control what is broadcast into Iran from other countries by satellite.

As the boy listened to the followers of Jesus on his TV, he sang along with them and prayed when they prayed. One morning before school, he said to his mother, “I want to tell my teacher about Jesus. What can I do?”

Together they thought of a plan. His mother prayed for his safety as she walked him to school.

The boy entered the excited, noisy classroom and sat his heavier-than-usual backpack by his desk. The children sat down, and the morning lessons began. As the other students were looking at their schoolwork, the boy walked to the teacher’s desk with a lesson sheet. He whispered to the teacher, “Do you want to know about Jesus?” She nodded her head yes.

“Okay, this is what I will do,” said the boy. “When it is time for recess, I will put my backpack by the door, unzip it, and leave it open. After all the students leave, you can go get the Bible and the video from my backpack.”

Later that morning, the children ran outside to play. The backpack was now near the door. When the children ran back inside, the boy carried it back to his desk. It wasn’t so heavy now.

The next day the boy started a discussion with his teacher. “Did you read the Bible and did you watch the video?” he asked. “What do you think of Jesus?” Through the boy’s work for God, another Iranian learned about God’s love for all people.

A Christian visitor to Iran said, “Small sparks of hope are growing into flames as Iranians encounter the love of God.” Please pray for the 6-year-old evangelist and other believers who are igniting the sparks.

The photo above shows a Bible in Farsi, the language of Iranians. Farsi is read from right to left instead of left to right like English.



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