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Leaders Ask for Help

Village homes in Laos

Many people in Laos worship and fear spirits, and visit witch doctors for help when they are sick. But more and more people are leaving their fear and hopelessness and turning to Jesus.

In some villages where just a few people are Christians, the Christians are persecuted by the other villagers. Families have even been kicked out of their homes and villages for their faith in Christ.

Village officials are afraid that evil spirits will punish them if Christians live in the village. Leaders in one village told the Christians, “It will be your fault if anyone in our village dies.”

New Rules
Recently, government officials in one area of Laos where Christians are persecuted held a meeting. They wanted to discuss the situation of Christian persecution. The officials asked the help of the villagers in dealing with the problem. Do you think they wanted help in stopping the persecution?

Actually, they asked the people for help in persecuting the Christians! The officials made new rules. Some of the rules said:

  1. Tear down the Christians’ fruit trees.
  2. Kill and eat their animals.
  3. If you want their land, take it.
  4. You will not be punished if you kidnap their wives.
  5. Keep the Christians from farming their land.

“We announce this from this day on; there is no deadline,” the officials said.

A Christian in Laos said, “Please remember our brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing a tremendous challenge!”



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