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Banished for Listening to a Radio

North Korea
North Koreans praying

The North Korean government makes it difficult for people in their country to learn about Jesus. The rulers want citizens to trust in government leaders, not in God.

Christians use creative ways to reach North Koreans with the gospel. The Voice of the Martyrs sponsors projects to float balloons carrying Scriptures into North Korea from outside the country.

Believers outside of North Korea also broadcast radio programs into the country. “We pray that North Korean citizens who listen to the radio can realize the love of Jesus and accept Jesus as their true leader,” said one of the Christians.

But the North Korean government does not want anyone to hear news from outside the country or to listen to Christian programs. A North Korean woman who left the country told the following story about her neighbor in North Korea.

The neighbor’s father was the principal of an elementary school. During a visit to China, the father listened to a radio. After the father returned to North Korea, he was kicked out of his hometown and banished to a rural area as punishment. He was charged with “listening to a forbidden radio program.”

Christians who are trying to share the truth with North Koreans understand the problems and challenges. But they continue to do their best to obey the biblical commandment to, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19).

(For more information, download Bold Believers in North Korea from the Downloads section.)