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Henan: Brave Daughter of a Courageous Christian


Henan was a 15-year-old Christian girl from the Rade tribe in Vietnam. Her father was a church leader.

Christianity is growing among many of Vietnam’s tribal people, and Vietnamese officials often target tribal Christians for persecution. To humiliate Henan’s father in front of the villagers, the authorities set his beard on fire. Then they put chains on him and dragged him away.

No one knew where they took him. Henan stopped going to school while she searched for him. After eight months, she found him with 68 other Christians in a prison three day’s journey away from her village.

On her first visit, Henan’s father said to her: “Honor God and never deny Him. Study hard.” Henan had been an excellent student at her village school, but officials told the school to flunk her because she was a Christian. Sometimes tribal children are kicked out of school if their parents refuse to deny Jesus. (The girl in the photo above is a tribal girl about the same age as Henan.)

Henan is now 20 years old. She still visits her father when she can, but the prison guards don’t make it easy. They force Henan and her father to speak only in Vietnamese instead of their tribal language. She is allowed to visit for only one hour per visit.

Henan’s mother is ill, so Henan works as a servant to help feed her brothers and sisters. Her family meets together for lunch, but they also use their lunch meetings as a time to pray and worship God together. “We must be careful at all times,” said Henan. Spies are eager to tell the authorities about any gatherings for worship.

Henan traveled for 18 hours to meet with workers from The Voice of the Martyrs. She wanted the world to learn about her father. Please pray for her family and for the 68 servants of the Lord with her father in prison.