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Movies, Bunk Beds, and Pizza

North Korea
North Korean school boys

Every day, there are people in North Korea making plans to escape from their country. The government controls the lives of the citizens, and often there is not enough to eat. Many North Koreans believe they will have better lives if they escape.

Learning to Share the Gospel
After they escape to other countries, some of the North Koreans hear the truth about Jesus and begin to follow him. Christian teachers help them learn more about Jesus and the Bible. Then some of the North Koreans make a bold, surprising decision. They decide to go back to North Korea and share the gospel with their friends and relatives! It’s a risky decision because Christians in North Korea are often arrested and treated harshly in prison.

Korean Orphans
Some North Korean women marry men in their new countries after their escape. Their children are often not treated well because they are part North Korean.

The Voice of the Martyrs has received a report about five of these children. The mothers of the children had been caught and sent back to North Korea, or they had left the family. Their fathers and grandparents are too poor to care for them, so a Christian missionary let them live in his house.

At first the children were disobedient, did not do their schoolwork, and stole each other’s possessions. However, the missionary is teaching them well, and the stealing has stopped. The children are copying Psalms and Proverbs by hand.

New Experiences
Recently, some of the North Korean adult escapees who have decided to follow Christ secretly met with the children from the missionary’s home. The escapees showed the children the Jesus: He Lived Among Us DVD. It was the first time the children had ever seen an animated Christian movie.

Then the adults took the children to an amusement park and a zoo, and ate pizza with them. The children had never eaten pizza. According to the adults, one of the boys laughed that day for the first time.

The escapees also bought the children bunk beds. The orphans were grateful and realized that the gifts were provided by God. They even said they wanted to be more like Jesus. The adult visitors prayed for the children and encouraged them to grow closer to God. Maybe someday they, too, will share the gospel with their North Korean relatives.

To learn more about North Korean Christians, download Bold Believers in North Korea from the Downloads section.