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Christians in the Land Where Jesus Walked


“A mosque stands on the temple grounds where Jesus faced the high priest. Hundreds of Arab Muslims live near the hill where He is thought to have been crucified. And many support a radical Muslim slogan calling for the elimination of ‘first the Saturday people,’ the Jews, ‘then the Sunday people,’ the Christians. The land where persecution against Christ’s followers began remains a hostile environment for his followers today.”

The words above are from The Voice of the Martyrs magazine.

To Discuss

  • What is a mosque?
  • Why do Muslims call Jews “Saturday people” and Christians “Sunday people?”
  • What is a slogan?
  • Why was Jesus taken before the high priest? (See Matthew 26:57–60.)
  • What does it mean that the land is a “hostile environment” for Christians?

Read a story and watch a video in the post Vacation Bible School Faces Challenges to learn about a VBS in the West Bank. (The Christians in the video are speaking Arabic.)
Learn more about Christians in the Holy Land in Bold Believers in Gaza and the West Bank available in the Downloads section.


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