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“Keep studying. Listen to your mom. Be a good boy. Help your mom with her work. Go to church,” 15-year-old Quang’s father tells him. Quang get this advice from his father once a month in a letter. His father is in prison.

In Vietnam where Quang’s family lives, the government tries to stop Christianity from spreading in some areas where tribal people live. Quang’s father was a youth pastor, and he led the music program at their church.

Quang writes a letter to his father every two months. Even though is father has been in prison for almost 10 years, Quang has been able to visit him only twice.

Quang is an only child. His mother sells vegetables and sugar cane juice to earn money for them to live. Quang cuts the sugar cane to help his mother.

Quang reads the Bible every day. He goes to church on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, and he attends a prayer meeting on Wednesday. In spite of his family’s troubles, Quang feels that God will always be with them.

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