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“The Devil Is Not Happy”

VietnamSharing a meal with the villagers (faces are covered to protect their identity)

The Voice of the Martyrs’ Bible for Every Believer program provides Bibles for people in countries where it is not always easy to get a Bible. One of those countries is Vietnam.

VOM distributes Bibles among the Hmong people in Vietnam. Government officials sometimes try to stop Christianity from spreading among tribal groups such as the Hmong. Hmong Christians have been attacked, arrested, imprisoned, and kicked out of their homes because of their faith.

Some Hmong Christians, even pastors, do not have anyone to help them learn more about the Bible and following Jesus. Two Christian women from a city in Vietnam traveled to Hmong villages to distribute Bibles and answer questions about Christianity. Their trip was not easy!

Read below the story one of the women wrote about their journey. (Edited for clarity.)

“Praise and thanks to the Lord. I have been saved and used for his purposes. I know that humans are created for the special purpose of spreading the gospel until believers fill the earth.

“We left the city at 2 a.m. The trip was very hard and full of challenges. We walked in darkness and rain on a muddy road. We never stopped praying for God’s protection.

“We walked and walked and continued going. It was really far. If it were not for the love of God, we could not have gone safely to our brothers and sisters in Christ to help them understand his truth in the Word.

“We stopped at a very small house at 1 a.m. The leader of the group came out to welcome us. There was nothing in the house but two small beds. We asked him where the bathroom was. He answered that anywhere in the jungle was okay. We knew that we had to give up all the normal things that we do daily to stay here.

“We went to bed at 3 a.m. As soon as we lay down, we felt itching all over our body. We prayed for God’s protection, and slept well even while we were bitten by lice. At 6 a.m., we got up and saw that all the Hmong Christians had slept on the floor without a blanket while we had a single bed for the two of us.

“They are really poor. But I could see that their hearts are happy, and I gave thanks to God for sending us to help them.

“The first day we answered questions from the leaders of 12 churches. They were extremely happy, and we also were very encouraged. We had strength to endure because of their desire to learn the Bible.

“But the devil is not happy when the Bible is spread!”



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