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Escape from Kidnappers

A Pakistani girlA Pakistani girl

The following story about Parveen, a girl in Pakistan, is from the Kids of Courage archives.

“I am 13 years old, and I live in Pakistan. My name is Parveen.

“My father believes in Jesus. But when I was a year old, my mother left my father, became a Muslim, and married a Muslim man. My father remarried, and now I have a stepmother.

“I go to a Christian boarding school in a large city. In the evenings, a pastor’s wife prays with us. She told us that Jesus sacrificed for us because he loves us. I started studying the Bible every day. After that I decided to follow Christ and got baptized. I was very happy.


“Last summer I went home for a visit. One day, I was walking along the road to go to my grandmother’s house. A car stopped near me. Some girls in the car asked, “Can you help us find our cousins’ house?”

“I gave them directions, and they gave me two apples. I ate the apples. The girls said they would drop me off near my house. I rode with them in the car, but I was feeling sick. Then I passed out.”

(The girls must have put drugs in the apples. When Parveen became conscious again, she was in a strange house. She was wearing different clothes and her hair had been cut.)

“After a while, one of the girls who gave me the apples came in. ‘It’s good that you are now a Muslim,’ she said. ‘We are very happy!’

“‘What are you saying?’ I asked. ‘I am not a Muslim!’

“The girls’ mother came in and said, ‘Now that you are a Muslim, you can have a new life and marry my son!’

“She brought her son to me. He was 35 years old. I could see he was not a good man. I prayed that God would release me from these people.”

(Parveen’s relatives heard what happened and looked for her.)

“The Muslims invited people to their house for a marriage party for the woman’s son and me. My uncle came through their open gate and called, ‘Parveen, where are you?’

“He found me and took me with him. I was free!

“I went back to my father’s home. I am very thankful to God who saved me from the Muslims’ hands. I remember this verse from Psalm 34, ‘I sought the Lord, and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears.’”

Note: Christian children and youth are easy targets for Muslim kidnappers in Pakistan, Egypt, and other places. Police and judges often do not want to side with Christians against radical Muslims. Christian girls are kidnapped and forced to become Muslims and marry Muslim men. Christian boys are kidnapped and used as slaves. Please ask God to protect Christian children in Pakistan. Pray that Muslim kidnappers will come to know Jesus and will not kidnap people anymore.