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Family Still Separated

Pastor Umar
Pastor Umar had to wear bandages on his face after his surgeries

Umar, a pastor in Uganda with a wife and six children, was attacked on his way to church in 2011. Read a previous story about him here. The attackers threw some acid at the pastor, and it burned his face.

Pastor Umar is still going through treatment for his injuries. The Voice of the Martyrs recently received a note from him. Read what he said below.

“Greetings in Jesus’ name. Thank you for all you are doing for the Kingdom’s sake.

“I am still being treated in Israel. I have had seven surgeries and have two more to come. Acid treatment requires much patience because it takes a long time and involves complicated surgeries. It’s a unique experience for me.

“It seems like a never-ending battle. I am glad I have not let it hold me down. I am so thankful for assistance from The Voice of the Martyrs standing with us in this problem. I request that you continue to pray for me to finish the treatment well.

My children are in a challenging situation, having been separated from me for about 20 months. I can’t imagine the life my children have gone through, but I’m trusting God to keep them in His peace and for us to re-unite someday again.

“Some of our church members [in Uganda] are also constantly threatened; they need your prayer.

“Thank you so much.”

(Edited for clarity and reading level.)



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