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Make a Prayer Basket

Prayer Basket

Needed: Small yogurt or other plastic containers, scissors, various colors of yarn, felt, glue, craft sticks

Starting at the top edge, use scissors to cut the container sides into strips that you can weave around. Make cuts from the top to the bottom, ½ inch to 1 inch apart at the top, the same distance apart all the way around the container. (Wide strips are easier for beginners.) You may want to measure and mark the container before cutting to help you make all the strips the same size. There should be an odd number of strips.

Place the end of a long strand of yarn between two strips so the end is on the inside of the container. Weave the yarn over and under the strips. When you get back to your starting place, push the row of yarn tightly toward the bottom of the container. Continue weaving, being sure to weave over strips that you previously weaved under, and pushing rows down until you are ready to change colors. Cut the yarn and glue the end to the inside of the container.

Start a new color of yarn for the next row upward in the same way you started the first color, continuing to weave over and under the strips alternately. Weave to the top of the container, using as many colors as desired. You may want to glue a round piece of felt to the inside bottom of the container.

Write the names of people or places whose stories on are this site on craft sticks. Put the sticks in the basket. During a class or family prayer time, take out a stick and pray about what is written on the stick.