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Ruth: A 10-Year-Old Hero


One Sunday, 12 police officers burst into a small house church in Central Asia, just before the morning worship service started. The police wanted to search the house and arrest the Christians. It is not legal in that country to hold worship services outside of a church registered by the government. The government makes it very difficult for new churches to register.

The pastor’s wife, Tamara, saw the police enter the house. Quickly she sent her 10-year-old daughter Ruth outside. (Ruth is shown in the photo looking at a Russian The Voice of the Martyrs newsletter about persecuted Christians in China.)

Ruth knew what to do when she got outside. Pretending to play, she ran to church members as they came near, and she warned them that the police were inside.

Soon two police officers who were outside discovered what she was doing. They grabbed her and started to force her into a police car. This was kidnapping, and it was not legal. Ruth cried out, and the officers tried to quiet her.

But Ruth’s German Shepherd dog had heard her cry. He ran toward the officers, and Ruth broke loose. She ran into the house and hid under her bed.

Ruth was very frightened, but she trusts Christ and knows that she suffered for Him. She saved several people from arrest, and the house-church members are still teaching people about Jesus.

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