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God’s Pilgrim: The Real Story of John Bunyan

As a boy, John Bunyan was a troublemaker, and he did not get along with his father. Then when he was 16, he left home and joined the army in England where he lived.

Three times John had close calls with death, and three times God spared him. He began to feel that God wanted him alive for a reason, and he wanted to find out what God wanted him to do.

Filled with Joy
John returned home, got married, had children, and tried hard to be a good person. He became a tinsmith, repairing pots, pans, and kettles. But he did not always succeed at being good, and he was unhappy.

One day, John met three ladies and a pastor who were full of joy because of Jesus’ love for them. “Your own works cannot save you!” the pastor told him. “It is only through Christ’s goodness that we are saved. It is a gift that we simply receive from God.”

John began to understand that he could not save himself from his sins and he gave his life to Jesus. He, too, was filled with joy!

A Book of “Little Worth”
John talked about what he had learned with others. But he was arrested, because it was against the law to preach the gospel without permission from the government.

John went to jail for 12 years. During that time, he wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress, a book about someone named Christian who encountered many obstacles on the way to the Heavenly City.

“I have a book of little worth,” John said when he gave the book to a printer to be printed. Many people disagreed that his book was not worth much. Since that time, millions have read the book, and it has encouraged them in their faith.

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