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A Chief Gets Baptized

The chief being baptized
The chief being baptized

“God has done more than what we ever could think or imagine!” said an African Christian in a recent report to The Voice of the Martyrs. (See Ephesians 3:20.)

VOM has sent bicycles, motor bikes, megaphones, and Bibles to the area to help Christians reach others with the good news of Jesus.

“We have seen hundreds of persecutors of the faith coming to Christ!” said one of the Christians.

A few months ago, Muslim chiefs from four different villages decided to follow Christ. They and other Christians in the area faced some difficult struggles:

  • In one place where they went to be baptized, snakes attacked them.
  • Muslims in one village said they would no longer obey their chief because he had become a Christian.
  • A group of people blocked the way for 40 people who were going to be baptized and would not let them pass.

But many new Christians were baptized. “We join heaven to rejoice for these many converts,” said one Christian.

See the photo above of the baptism of a village chief.

“The chief is ready to die for Christ rather than deny him for any reason,” said a Christian visitor.

To Think About
In what ways are baptisms where you live different from baptisms in the places described in the story above and in the photo? In what ways are baptisms the same in both places?


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