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Afraid of the Police

Egyptian Girl
Egyptian girl

The previous post from told about Demyana, a girl in Egypt. The following story, also provided by The Voice of the Martyrs’ sister mission in the Netherlands, SDOK, tells about Rafi, an 8-year-old boy in Egypt.

Rafi is an eight-year-old boy. Heʼd love to attend school every day, but sadly that is not possible. There is a school where he would be safe, but he’d have to travel two and a half hours each way. Youʼll surely agree that that wouldn’t work. So Rafi is often bored.

Rafi, and his five-year-old brother David, are from a Christian family, and they live in Egypt. Their momʼs relatives are angry that they are Christians. So they no longer felt safe, and they wanted to flee the country.

The family had nearly made it over the border when the police caught up with them. Their parents were beaten up by the police, and Rafi and David saw it all. Then the boys were taken away to be held separately from their mom and dad. Three days later, the police brought Rafi and David back to their mother, because she wouldn’t stop crying all day. Rafi wanted to comfort his mom, so he told her, “I know why it is that they beat you up. Itʼs because youʼre a daughter of the Lord Jesus.”

Prison is no place for children, and David became sick there. He was so ill that he wasnʼt allowed to stay in prison any longer. Both boys had to leave. They were taken to someone from church who could take proper care of them. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad were undergoing horrible things in prison. But she said to the judge, ‘I am free even in prison, because I live with God. I will never deny my faith in Jesus Christ.’

Later, the parents were released. But their life has never been the same as it was before they were jailed. David is scared of the police. None of them dare walk down the street, and the family is nearly always shut up at home. Mom and Dad often sit silently with troubled faces. The boys only very occasionally have the chance to go to a school that is safe for them — and itʼs a very long way away.

Rafi and David have to occupy themselves at home all day long. They end up spending time on the computer and snacking. Rafi, happily, still cherishes a dream: ‘When Iʼm older, I want there to be a big house where lots of children without parents can go and live together. That house will have to be beside a big church, because I think that would be a great place for it.’

Will you pray with us and help Rafiʼs dream of a safe house to become reality?

In Acts 12, we read of Peter being put in jail because he had boldly spoken about Jesus. Somewhere else in the same city, there was a living room full of people praying for him. Read that Bible story to see how important prayer is! (Acts 12:1–19.)

  1. Pray for children like Rafi who, for their own safety, can’t go outside. Pray that they won’t feel lonely, and that they will know that God is close at hand.
  2. Pray for Christians who — like Rafi and Davidʼs parents — have been imprisoned and still carry the memories of it in their minds.
  3. Many Egyptians are nervous and angry about the way things are going in Egypt. Pray that peace and justice would dwell in that land.
  4. Christians are often pushed to the bottom of society and get the lowliest jobs. Pray that they would not lose heart, but rather would place their confidence and hope in God. As a young Egyptian man put it, ‘Itʼs not a great job being a garbage collector but Jesus lives in my heart!’



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