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Bold Christians Go Free


The Voice of the Martyrs recently received the following story about bold Christians in a Muslim area of the world.

Some Christians were driving over a mountain in a van. Radical Muslims stopped the van and told the Christians to get out. “We are going to shoot you and take your van,” one of the Muslims told the Christians.

“May we pray first?” one of the Christian asked. The Muslims agreed, and the Christians prayed together. “We are ready,” they told the Muslims.

The Muslims were curious. It was probably the first time they had ever met true Christians. “What do you think will happen to you when you die?” a Muslim asked the Christians.

“We will go to heaven,” the Christians answered.

“What will happen to us when we die?” the Muslims asked.

One of the Christians answered, “You are preparing to break God’s commandment against murder. You will go to hell.”

The Muslims became afraid. They talked among themselves and decided to let the Christians go. They still stole the van, and the Christians had to walk out of the mountains. But they were alive.


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