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Father’s Day Prayer

Father's Day

Phurbu is a 10-year-old boy in Nepal, where most of the people follow the Hindu religion. His family is Christian and his father is a pastor.

Phurbu has a brother, Lakpa, who is 8, and a 7-year-old sister, Sumjung. Their family used to live in a remote area of Nepal, but moved to a city so the children could go to better schools.

Earlier this year, Phurbu’s father told VOM contacts what had recently happened to the family.

“We came from an area of Nepal where no one cared that we ate beef, said Prurbu’s father. “But as a Hindu tradition, eating beef is not allowed. They consider cows and oxen to be a symbol of a god and goddess.

“In October 2012, we ate beef. All the local people accused us of killing a cow, but we did not. The local people destroyed our home and all the things inside our house. The Christians were scattered from the area. The local people handed us over to the Hindu committee. They called the police, and I was arrested.”

With their father in jail, the family faced difficult days. Christians helped and prayed for the family. On Father’s Day this year, please pray for Phurbu, Lakpa, Sumjung, and others who are separated from their fathers because their family follows Jesus.

(Some of the quotes and stories on this websites have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)



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