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“Home Jail”

East Africa

You have heard about parents who homeschool their children, but have you ever heard about kids being home jailed?

Many Christians live on Tanzania’s mainland. But more than 95 percent of the people on Tanzania’s Zanzibar Island are Muslims.

Some youth on Zanzibar are learning the good news that they can have a relationship with God through faith in His son, Jesus. They have found out that God sent Jesus to save the lost from sin. And they are deciding to trust Jesus as their Savior.

Muslim parents want to make sure that their Christian family members return to Islam. The parents believe that their children should be severely punished for turning to Jesus.

But to show how loving they are, some Muslim parents do not hit the children. Instead, they force them to stay inside — all the time. Most people would not think keeping children inside is showing love, but Muslim the parents believe it is.

“Many youth have been denied permission to go to school, just because they changed their faith,” a Christian in Zanzibar reported. “Many are not allowed to go outdoors. Their parents tell them they must return to Islam quickly if they want to be free. If they can’t escape, their house will be their lifetime home jail.”



3 Responses to “Home Jail”

  1. What is it like to be it jail?

    • Of course being in a real jail cell would be a little different than being in a “home jail,” but you can try the following activity from our Kids of Courage VBS curriculum to help you understand what jail is like for Christians in some countries.

      Jail cell: In some countries where Christians are persecuted, six to eight Christian prisoners are confined in prison cells 8 feet wide and 10 feet long. Measure off a space 8 feet wide and 10 feet long. Ask six volunteers to stay in the space for 10 to 15 minutes. Talk about where you would sleep and how you would do daily activities if you had to spend years in the prison. Read in Acts 16:25 what Paul and Silas did in prison. What songs would you sing in prison?


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