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God Helps Children’s Teacher and Her Family

Children reading a Bible storybook

In some countries, it is against the law to teach children about God and Jesus. Sunday schools, children’s Bible clubs, and Vacation Bible Schools are not allowed.

Glenna, a Christian woman in one of those countries, knows that Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them…” (Matthew 19:14). She invited children to her house so she could share Bible stories with them.

Several months ago, Glenna’s husband died, leaving her with three small children and a baby on the way. Then her landlord found out she was a Christian and kicked her and her children out of their apartment.

“When we heard about our need to move, I could do nothing but take my children’s hands and we started praying together,” said Glenna.

The Voice of the Martyrs and other Christians are helping Glenna settle in a new apartment. “Praise God, he provided a wonderful place for me and my children,” said Glenna. “It is big enough for my family and provides a possibility to continue working with kids.

“I am thinking and praying how I can show God to the children and parents I work with — not only share Bible stories, but show a living God! All of them had an opportunity to see God in this situation. They saw that he is a living God who takes care of us and provides for all our needs!”

(To protect their identities, the names of some of the people on this website and some identifying details have been changed. Some of the quotes and stories have been edited and paraphrased from the original sources for clarity.)


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