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VOM Volunteer Shares Craft

Maribeth and her bird feeder

Matthew 10:29 tells us that not even sparrows fall to the ground without God’s notice. God’s Word encourages us not to be afraid, because we are worth much more than sparrows.

The Voice of the Martyrs’ volunteer Maribeth R. recently shared a bird feeder craft idea at the VOM Operations Center. Maribeth’s bird feeder can be used as a reminder to pray for the persecuted, who like the sparrows, are never hidden from God’s view.

Needed: Plastic juice or milk container with a handle, colorful tape, or other materials to decorate the feeder, photos or headlines from VOM or Kids of Courage publications or websites, glue, additional water-resistant decorations, paint or markers if desired


  • Cut an opening in the side of the jug opposite the handle and two inches from the bottom of the container. The opening should be about 6 inches high and 4 inches wide.
  • Punch small holes in the bottom of the jug. The holes will allow rainwater to drain out.
  • Use waterproof glue to attach pictures, Bible verses, or other decorations. Or tape them on with water resistant tape. Add other decorations. Finish with Mod Podge if desired.
  • Attach string, pipe cleaners, or wire from tree branch or other high place. If the location gets a lot of rain, put it in a more sheltered spot when it rains.