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Balloon Prayers

Sarah with balloons

Volunteer Sarah A. from Washington recently spent several days at The Voice of the Martyrs helping in the Operations Center. Sarah, who works with children, shared instructions for the following activity that she has used to encourage children to pray for persecuted Christians.

Inflate two balloons (or punch balls). On one balloon write the names of some of the countries where Christians are persecuted. (Suggestions: China, India, Egypt, Nigeria, North Korea, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran. For additional suggestions, go to the countries section of this website.)

On the second balloon, write specific prayer requests for Christians in restricted countries. (Examples: Government leaders, unity among Christians, comfort, peace, Christian prisoners, Bibles, encouragement, strength, daily needs, Christian families)

A leader throws the country ball to one of the children in a group. The child notes and remembers the country closest to his or her right thumb and passes the ball to another child. The leader throws the second balloon to the child who caught the first one. The child notes the prayer request nearest his or her thumb, and prays for the country and topic. For example, if the country was China and the topic was government leaders, the child would pray for government leaders in China.

(Variations: The entire group could join the child in praying for the request. Or, several children can catch the balloons and name a country and topic. A leader can display all the requests on a screen or chalkboard, then the children can break into groups and pray for the requests.)