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The Gospel in the Desert

March VOM
Whatever It Takes: Delivering God’s Word to Hostile Nations

Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (See Matthew 28:19.)

But some nations have bad roads, or even no roads at all in some areas. The governments of some countries have laws against, “making disciples” for Christ. Other countries do not allow Christians to bring Bibles to their citizens.

So Christians float balloons carrying Scriptures into North Korea. Missionaries drop Bibles in small parachutes out of planes over Colombia.

Christian broadcasters send the gospel by radio into Afghanistan from countries outside of Afghanistan. Christians in other Muslim countries receive encouragement from Bibles and hymns on MP3 players, or from cell phone text messages.

One of the ways Christians are reaching people in desert areas is not new. They are traveling on donkeys and camels! The animals carry Bibles and other Christian books to groups who live far away from other people. Some people in the groups have not yet heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Can you think of any new ways to reach people with the Good News of Jesus?