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The following questions cover Bible stories about persecution and information about countries where Christians are persecuted. See how many you can answer, then share them with your family, group, or class to see if they know the answers.

Hint: You can use the “Countries” section of this site, or enter terms in the search box to help you find answers about the countries.

  1. Christians do not always have an easy time practicing their faith in a country noted for ancient pyramids. Moses led the Israelites out of the country. What country is it?
  2. What animals are in the story about King Darius in the Bible book after Ezekiel?
  3. Beijing is the capital of a big country where many Christians meet together in house churches. What is the country?
  4. Christians are persecuted in parts of India. What is the main religion of India?
  5. Christians drop Bibles from planes into Colombia in small parachutes. What is the main language of Colombia?
  6. Christians in Eritrea, even children, have been arrested for having home Bible studies. On what continent is Eritrea?
  7. In the Book of Acts, _____ and the other apostles said, “We ought to obey God rather than men.” Who said this, along with the other apostles?
  8. Baruch was a scribe for an Old Testament prophet who was put in a dungeon for telling the truth. Helpers pulled the prophet out of the dungeon with ropes. Which prophet was it?
  9. People in Malaysia who leave their religion to follow Jesus are often persecuted. What is the main religion of Malaysia?
  10. Christians float balloons that carry Bible verses into a country between Korea and China What is the country?

Visit this link to view the answers to the quiz.

Quiz Answers

  1. Egypt
  2. Lions
  3. China
  4. Hinduism
  5. Spanish
  6. Africa
  7. Peter
  8. Jeremiah
  9. Islam, the religion of Muslims
  10. North Korea


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