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An Accidental Bible Student

Muslims believe they should pray memorized prayers five times a day at certain times. Pintu, a boy in Bangladesh, followed the Muslim prayer rules. He even inspired other Muslims to pray in the mosque. (A mosque is a building where Muslims worship.)

Pintu believed that Islam, the religion of Muslims, was “the only true religion in the world.” Almost 90 percent of the people in Bangladesh are Muslims, so Pintu had no one to show him another way.

A friend suggested that Pintu write a letter to a certain address. He wrote the letter, then got a letter back that said, “Welcome to our Bible Correspondence Course.” Pintu had accidentally signed up for a Bible class! He was angry. He had been taught that Christians have wrong ideas.

But the letter said he would receive a New Testament if he finished the class. He had never seen a Bible written in Bangla, the main language of Bangladesh, and he wanted one. So he sent in his Bible lessons, finished the class in nine months, and got his New Testament.


“Praise the Lord” in English and Bangla. Bangla, also called Bengali, is the official language of Bangladesh.

The Student Becomes a Teacher
After reading the Bible, talking to some teachers, and visiting a church, Pintu began to understand that Christianity and the Bible are true. He decided to trust Jesus as his Savior! His family kicked him out of their home because he had become a Christian.

Pintu is an adult now. He leads a Bible correspondence class like the one that sent him a Bible when he was a child.

He also runs a Christian radio program. On the radio, the program broadcasts on a frequency very close to that of a popular news channel. Many people tune in to the program by accident and hear truths from the Bible.

Years after his family kicked him out of the house, Pintu was able to lead them all to Christ, one by one. But he gets threatening phone calls from people outside of his family who do not like the messages on his radio programs.

The threats do not bother Pintu. “I am happy that many people have come to faith in Jesus through my radio program,” he said. “Please do remember us in prayer.”

To Talk About
Do you know any examples of people who began to follow Jesus or to serve God in some way due to things that seemed to happen by “accident?” Ask a Christian adult if they can think of any examples from their life.

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