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Ask a VOM Worker: What Can Kids Do?


A VOM worker who has traveled to 13 countries shared the following advice for kids.

Question: What can children do now to prepare to serve the Lord as adults?
Answer: I think that learning how to wield the power of prayer is very important, even for young kids. They shouldn’t just rely on their parents to pray. Kids should be praying themselves, for their parents, friends, classmates, etc.

I believe that one’s effectiveness in serving the Lord is dependent on that person’s communication with the Lord. The more attuned one is with God, the better that person will know how to serve.

I have one son. He is 3. I want him to realize at an early age how blessed he is to live in America, which is still a relatively free country. I want him to have the burden of praying for Christians in other nations who do not have those same freedoms.