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Many Christians in Egypt are poor. Sometimes Muslims promise teenage Christian girls money if they convert to Islam. Muslim boys even offer to marry Christian girls if the girls will leave their family and their faith.

After they leave their families, the girls often get homesick. But many are ashamed to go back home. In addition, they often find out that the promises made by the Muslim boys are not true.

Some radical Muslims go to great lengths to force Christians to follow Islam instead of Christ. (Islam is the religion of Muslims.) Most Muslims in Egypt would never think of kidnapping anyone. But some extreme Muslims kidnap Christian girls and try to make them become Muslims.

VOM sources say that at least 24 Egyptian Christian girls have been kidnapped recently. Sarah, age 14, was kidnapped in September 2011. Sarah’s father filed a missing person report with the police. In October, radical Muslims said that Sarah had become a Muslim and had willingly married a Muslim man.

But Christians know that the kidnapped girls are often forced to marry Muslims. A VOM worker who travels to Egypt recently shared stories from girls who escaped from radical Muslims. The girls told how the kidnappers had tried to force them to become Muslims.

Pray for Sarah and all the girls who are separated from their families.